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August 11, 2009



i'm glad you're writing again...


This is an awesome story. It made me laugh out loud, and then at the end? It sort of made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

I've only mowed the lawn once in my entire life. And it was an old riding mower that was really hard to steer, so my arms hurt for weeks afterward. So there was a lot of whining, and Joe said, "NEVER AGAIN."

Blanche (Mrs. Higrens)

I think I just embarrassed myself at work with the laughing I couldn't hold in at the gopher story.

Thanks for a great start to another morning of the grind.

Operation Pink Herring

As a girl who was forced to mow the lawn (alternating with my two brothers) as a kid, let me tell you: you're not missing anything. Mowing the lawn SUCKS. It's hard, rocks will fly out and hit you in the leg (not in the face, usually), it's always hot out... yeah, I'd be happy leaving that one to Cody. Right now I'm really happy that we don't even HAVE a yard!

I'm interested to know what these gopher-things are! Some sort of noose-trap Cody put in their gopher holes? My mom used to toss the cat outside, hoping she'd catch and kill the gophers. Never worked :)


So did the rotting maggot-laiden gopher carcass confine you to the kitchen the rest of the afternoon? Did a tired Cody come home, see the half-finished lawn and, his teples engorged with pulsating veins, fists shaking, say "What did I tell you about mowing lawns!!!"

Or did everyone live happily ever after?


I'm with Nathan- we need more details! But not about the maggot-ridden-decaying-gopher-corpse. You can keep those details to yourself. Although I am curious about what the trap actually is- since we know it works and all. Good God! Imagine if you had run over THAT with the lawn mower! What if it pulled the wire out! And then flung Gopher at you! No wonder Cody was concerned!! I'd say you can consider your mowing trial a success, no matter how it ended. Personally, I leave it to the boys! I know I can, and I know I don't like to! :)


Can some women not tell time on an analog clock? That strikes me as highly disturbing.


Great Post! Funny story: My father in law lived next to a guy who kept his lawn in perfect condition. Guy comes over one day, makes small talk and then procedes to make mention of how poor condition my father in laws grass is in. My father in law looks at the guy and says "I'm raising kids here, not grass." That was the end of that. Not much of a landscaping, "grass-man" myself, I am looking forward to the day I get to use that line. Possible death from flying rocks doesnt happen with the mower but with the weedwacker. Wear goggles then.


Oh, god. The lawn mowing I could handle, the bits of dead gopher carcass and giant maggots I could not. UGH.

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