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July 14, 2009



The best birthday gift ever - your writing and posting and blogging!

I can't even say "I know how your feeling" because this is like your LIFE... I can only say thanks for letting me read about it and be a tiny little piece of it. And happy anniversary! And I'm still available for streetside marketing (and by that I mean wearing stuff)


Elise, anyone who has managed to keep a boutique open for as long as you have in times like these deserves a pat on the back, a free trip to Vegas, about 16 million shots of tequila, and a magical fairy costume. You persevered against the odds, and come what may, you have done what 99% of the people in your situation could not have. So good on you.


Make sure when you stand at the helm (God, I hope that means FRONT or this comment is just STUPID) and yell, "I'M QUEEN OF THE WOOORRRLLLDDD!!!"


i feel exactly the same about our store. exactly. minus the going down with the ship part. i think i will leave that, if it ever happens, up to tyson. :) and, for the record, i have been feeling this for E-I-G-H-T years. we will see what happens! take care of you.


It's good, Elise. It's all very good. And you should be proud -- of the blog post and the store.

Caustic Cupcake

What a great post! This is one of those posts that epitomizes what I like about reading blogs: a peek into a life that is both fascinating and completely different from mine. Why don't you blog more?!

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