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June 26, 2009



I'd be a multi-millionaire! I dated a lot in college. DATED. And it seems, also kissed a lot. Then there were those Italian guys...


No I wouldn't, not even close! I guess that's what happens when you've dated your husband since you were 17...


I'm either a slut or just getting old (or both?) because I had to look on facebook to remember who all to count.

Either way, yes, but barely. Hornberger!


I think I'd be set for life. Not gonna lie. Ohhhhh college. (:


And I assume parents, siblings and other relatives are out too? Then, no.


Through shrewd investment strategies and timely divestitures into large hedge funds I think I could do it.


Well, I would have a good story about when i made my first million, before i was 16... and they say the first million is the hardest. so after that, the next few million were pretty easy. i do wonder about the author of this blog though, hmmmm


Um, yeah. And with a bit more to spare!


If we're only counting real kisses, I would have 200,000. I'm sparing with my affection, apparently! (I also met my husband when I was 19, so I spent almost all of college kissing the same person. I'm not that big of a prude!)


I would not be a millionaire, but I would definitely have a pretty sweet retirement fund.


I just found your blog on 20 something bloggers and read your last three posts. Please carry on blogging, I love how you think!

Oh and I would not be a millionaire. I have kissed one boy and he is now my husband. I'm good with that. :)

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