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June 08, 2009



For sure, being mean to someone. You can always apologize later.

Being bitten by fire ants sucks. When my oldest was a toddler he had to be rushed to the emergency room when he went into anaphylactic shock because of ant bites. I hate those suckers and you just can't get away from them without moving north. I may just have to start waging my own war.


love it. and i never think in rants just like that...neither does a little 7 year old! so glad you are back. wear that skirt, lady, cause when you are 11 days from your due date, all you can dream about is ever being able to wear any form of clothes again that actually do not stretch in the waist. and i'm 33. love you!


I grew up in TX and if I remember correctly I think you can take part of one fire ant mound and mix it with another causing choas and fire ant battles. In the end killing the colony without all those messy sprays. Of course you would look a little strange walking around your neighborhood with a shovel over your shoulder.


Wow, my blog list today had only 5 items. Should I feel inadequate? ;-)


I can't believe you didn't have the AC on for a while in TX.


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