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December 18, 2008



no seriously.. WHAT IS IT? I saw your FB status, and I didn't want to appear like I lived under a rock....fine I'll google it.


Okay, to clarify my vote, I do think they are disgusting, but more because I find them SO DARN OILY. Why is there a nut so oily when you obviously eat mixed nuts out of your hand? Why?! And then you bite into it and the oil gushes out like some horrible fruit snack. Ugh ugh ugh.

I hope I'm on your side, Elise.


I love them! I remember the first time I tried one was at my uncle's house for christmas. He had a nut cracker n we got to crack our own nuts and I ate every single brazil nut they had.


doesn't my vote count as three?

i don't see that reflected yet...


Here is Cody's description of a Brazil nut:

"So, the brazil nut tastes like God took a handful of sand, compressed it into a little thumb shaped concoction, infused it with some seriously foul oil and shoved it into the nether regions of 3 day old road kill. Then the vultures came along, dismembered the carcass, gagged on the brazil nut and coughed it into MY most recent serving of mixed nuts."

Just FYI.


Actually, I think the Brazil nut tastes more like a maggot from a rotten cinnamon raisin bagel made sweet bug love to one of those shiny green flies that swarm around fecal matter. The love child from this unholiest of unions then flew around until it fell into a dumpster full of fat lady liposuction fat, where it feasted upon the oily cellulite and hardened into the shape of a tiny little penis. Hey, what the hell is that doing in my mixed nuts?

Operation Pink Herring

I seriously have never heard of a Brazil nut before! And my vote reflects this.


I love Brazil nuts.



This is so strange to me. BraNuts don't even have that distinctive of a flavor. I don't know about these East Texas "Oil Gushing" BraNuts, but every BraNut that I've ever had just kinda tasted like nuts.

It's like hating lettuce. Or oatmeal. What is there to hate?

Also, I inspired this poll, which makes me awesome.


Um, I was assuming the referred to BRazil nut was chocolate covered when I said I love them, mine most definitley are of course, otherwise, I suspect I like them considerably less.

Teacher A

I wouldn't say I love Brazil nuts, but I certainly don't hate them. There are many nuts I would rather eat, but Brazil nuts do not find themselves orphaned in bowls of mixed nuts at my house.


I hate them because they're hard to open and not my favorite nut flavor. In fact, I'm not entirely certain I've ever eaten one of them. I always pick out the cashews from the mixed nuts and leave the rest. I wonder what that says about me...

Happy holidays to you and yours and pats to Lydah!


That's so weird that people don't like them! From what I remember, they were reaaallllll good!

Wide Lawns

Yucky. But I heard they're really good for you. Selenium or something.


I hope everything is okay Elise. I was afraid the harvesters of the Brazilian nuts found you and kidnapped you. Visions of a horde of young Jaun Valdezes chasing you.



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