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November 18, 2008



um, EXACTLY. Maybe it's not me it's blogging. You said everything perfectly perfect.


A new design is always good; as is a complete death and renewal somewhere else. tell who you want, ignore who you don't. it's all the same.

basically, if you start writing for anyone else, the whole exercise becomes trivial. write for yourself and if people read it, great. if they don't, you weren't writing for them anyways.


OMG what a gorgeous girl Lydah is. Her fire-pit-lounging personality cracks me up! What a silly little (big!) dog. =) also looking forward to hearing more from you!


I have definitely missed reading your stories about your life...I loved your PR recaps, but still...a little bit was missing. YOUR stories are so much better. (: I don't think you should worry too much about stepping on toes - if you step on them they're out there to be stepped on, if you know what I mean. Keep writing...I hope this isn't a breakup. Hopefully this'll give you the steam to keep writing...and write more. The blogosphere misses you.

And Lydah is absolutely stunning, so her email address is accurate, not cocky. (: Although, lounging in a firepit isn't exactly the place for a queen like her. (:


ATW - Leave it to me, I am FABULOUS at finding the way to blame someone else :)

Regan - This is why you are, and pretty much always have been, my blogging mentor of choice

Beck - Unfortunately, both "silly" and "little" describe Lydah perfectly. She's like a mini-GSD :) A mini-GSD who loves fire pits, apparently

Claire - The toes are out there to be stepped on, I like it...


Is is just me or is Lydah saying, "Kiss my ash!" Yes, I just went there.

Look, blog when you feel like it. Lord knows my blogging isn't consistent either. I have a reader when you pop up like you did today, I'll read. If weeks go by and I don't hear from you, I'll call you a bitch and ask you what do you think you're doing having a life when you could be blogging. See how easy it is for everyone involved?


I've missed you. By all means, blog when and only when, and if and only if, you feel like it! I'll take infrequent posts over none at all :o).


Lydah might be the perfect specimen of all GSD's. I mean really, could she be any prettier? Shhhh, i think she heard me, i mean look at those ears, she can probably hear everything. And tell her thanks for beating up my poor little dog, and i still claim Lydah bit Cody, not Maggie. Just bc Maggie started the whole thing by eating Lydah's food doesn't mean that Cody deserves to be bitten. Teach her how to take out rage on the right targets. sheeesh

Operation Pink Herring

Write when you want to, write what you want to. And when all else fails, post pictures of the pets!


So for the short time that I have read your blog I have enjoyed it. It's interesting reading the stories of a self-employed business owner. It's even better when they (you in this case) are excellent with words and storytelling. So who cares who is reading or what you are reading, or what you are saying. I am in the boat with Claire..step on those toes and let it out in a blog, why not let the rest of the world enjoy your toe crunching!


Ok, so I'm waiting in anticipation for any upcomingness. I love reading YOU stuff. You have inspired me to be more ME out here. Thanks, lady. And thanks for praying for a little girl who needs it.


I miss your writing, Elise - so if it means picking up and moving somewhere else, or changing the settings of your blog, I'm all for it.

I think the atmosphere has changed a little; particularly my 'original' blogging friends - some have moved on, life happens, and so I'm definitely not a part of this new wave, but glad for it!



She is pretty gorgeous, and I know a little Lab mix who'd be DELIGHTED to go camping with her sometime, as soon as he learns how to drive and can come and pick her up ;)


Just wanted to say I, for one, am happy that you have decided to continue blogging. You have been a part of my online morning routine for over a year and I really enjoy your writing. You are a beautiful wordsmith. As for the people who are offended by what you write sometimes they can do what I do when I dont like something on TV: change the channel. Thanks for allowing us a small glimpse into your life and thanks for sticking around.


I've recently branched into the "make a couple dollars from blogging" world. I don't consider it disingenuous. I'm still posting the same quality and quantity as before. Any sponsored posts are extra.


Dingo - Seriously? You ALWAYS make me laugh with your comments.

Cassie - Hi! And thanks, I think sort of starting over from scratch (at least purpose-wise) is gonna help :)

Scott - Lydah DID hear you, and she says thank you; it's true that she's perfect, but thanks nonetheless. Also, she says Maggie bit Cody and maybe you need to get a muzzle for that mutt...wait, what?

OPH - OR, I could just start recapping It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, exclusively. That way I would easily kill two birds with one blogging stone - hilarity and MANY, MANY offended readers ;)

Chance - Hello! Welcome to the blog, and if you're 50% as awesome as your wife, I cannot wait to meet you in real life. Thanks for reading, and thanks for the comment.

Melissa - That made me smile. Thanks for saying that, and also, OF COURSE :) Also also, CONGRATULATIONS, again!

Aly - Maybe we remaining members of the "old wave" are better for it? Either way, I like the concept...

VBG - Yeah, and Lydah's fixed, so as long as your boy "don't got it" anymore, they can go on extra special camping trips together. Lydah says she's in.

Mike - Thank you so much, I appreciate the comment and the sentiment behind it!

3carnations - Like so many other things, it's a question of motives, not technicalities. I really don't mean technically making a dollar or two from blogads or whatever is "disingenuous". It's much more that the motives seem to change, for some bloggers, over time. And very often that motive change is related to money. I am all for people making cash with their site, and some people do it so seamlessly you never even really notice it's happening. Anyway, it's certainly not a hard and fast rule, but my opinion of the genuineness of entirely-corporate-sponsored blogging remains.


I think it's understandable to want to earn back any expenses on the blog, but it's a hobby, you know? And if people spend lots of money on scrapbooks and doodads, I don't really mind paying for my hosting fees and Flickr membership. I do think it's odd that ads kind of give blogs credibility now, in some strange way.


Yeah, I hear you, as I'm definitely one of those people guilty of walking out on blogging recently. But I hope you keep at it, because I certainly enjoy reading whatever you have to say here. I've taken to locked posting at livejournal, even though I find livejournal annoying in many ways, just because I find it easier to tell my story if I know exactly who it is getting told to.

I'm pretty grumpy about the commercialization of blogging, too, but you've articulated my feelings on it way better than I've been able to, so far.


Hello! I've missed you. I've been checking here for updates but I haven't given up on you. I understand how you feel; I feel the same way. Sometimes I post a couple of times a week. Then other times I go a few weeks without posting at all. It does rather irk me regarding the whole popularity-contesty thing that you are talking about. I'm still going to just write for me whenever I feel like it and if I get a comment or two, great! If not, oh well. For me, blogging started out (and remains) as an online journal. Old fashioned journals are not shared much with other people, and nobody comments in personal journals. So if nobody comments on my blog, well, then hey, what do I expect?

Anyhoo, no pressure on ya to write so many posts per month or whatever. Feel free to write from the heart whenever you want. I'll still be checking in. And I'm dying to meet you too. I hope all is going well in your personal life and with your store.


Hello, lovely Elise! You were missed in Internet land, but do what is best for you. I LOVED hearing your stories. But blogging, like any good relationship, is about give and take...you should be getting a good feeling about doing what you do, and not forcing it, you know? Otherwise you end up feeling like you are on the world's looooongest date that is not going anywhere. And having been on a fair number of those I would say, there is no good reason to do this to yourself.


Hihi my long lost love.... I totally agree with you here... And I have been lackluster in the blogging dept too

But I hope you don't stop writing... I really enjoy reading it.


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