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October 17, 2008



About freakin' time, girl! Okay, now that I got that outta my system, I have to go back and read the post.


I'm going to miss your recaps -- as if that isn't obvious by my indignation whenever you DARED to have a life outside of blogging for my pleasure.

I loved Leanne and I'm glad she won. I only liked a few pieces of Kenley's collection. The painted dresses looked like something from J.C. Penney. I was not thrilled with Korto's collection at all. That short, short number? Egads, as Mr. Gunn my gay celebrity crush would say. Leanne? Well, I would wear one of her outfits. If I was an emaciated, size 0 or 00 (whichever is amaller), six foot model - but I would wear it and I would look SMASHING!


Great recap! I thought the same thing about Kenley's so-called 'painting, ' except I think you were being generous attributing it to HomeEc 101; I would have thought it was more like a budding-artist 4th grader trying to copy the kitchen wallpaper pattern. And as much as I hate to admit it, she did have a few nice silhouettes in there. But that's ALL the praise I am willing to give her, she is such a little snot. I also wondered the same thing about MK: how could he possibly SEE the dresses with those dark glasses? That's really pretty arrogant, if you ask me. He's not all THAT cool, cripes. Like he cares what I think, but whateve.

Korto's collection was wonderful, she'll be fine with or without the silent 'r' in her name.

But Leanne's I thought was gorgeous, beautiful and ethereal, with a spectacular color palette. Perhaps only if one is 6' tall and 100lbs, but still, it will be interesting to see if she can make that work for a 5'2" shorty like me, because I would love to wear something like what she showed.

Thanks SO much for your recaps! I enjoyed them as much as I did the show!


Overall, there were a few of Leanne's pieces that appealed to me, like the floor length all turqouoise dress - gorgeous! But most of the other designs looked space-age to me, sort of stiff and weird. I suppose that's "cutting edge" and "avant guarde" but whatever.

I think that Korto's designs were so stunningly beautiful. I loved the big chunky beadwork and the beautiful colors she used. I could see myself wearing something she designed.

Although Leanne's wedding dress was beautiful and realistic, whereas Korto's was too ruffly for my taste, and Kenley's was just comical in a Bjork sort of way.

Thank you so, so much for doing these recaps. I enjoyed reading every single one and anxiously looked forward to each week's recap. Since I don't have Cable I had never even heard of Project Runway until reading about here on your site.

And thank you for sticking with it through to the end even though you are faced with your own personal challenges during this economic crunch. I hope things look up for you.


Also: I hope that Leanne uses a few dollars of her winnings to get a good haircut. While I'm sure Clinton and Stacy are itching to get at her, maybe Nick and Carmimdy could do a better job. Leanne is cute and young and slim, and she should look better. Designer: Heal thyself!

Operation Pink Herring

I really thought Kenley pulled it together for the show, although she still deserved to be unceremoniously booted - way to go on that one, Ms. Klum. I love Leanne, but I thought Korto was going to take it. I am very pleased with the outcome, and I, too, hope leanne will take the first $11 out of her hundred grand and proceed immediately to the Hair Cuttery. Followed immediately by a trip to LensCrafters.

Seriously, what was UP with MK's "I wear my sunglasses at night" look? Oh, MK. Did your eyes get fried in the tanning booth you spend so much time in?

SPEAKING OF ORANGE (weren't we?), I was so happy to see my tanorexic friend Blayne in the audience. Blayne, I actually missed you! you'll make me a coffee drink when I come to Seattle, right? Smooches!

Operation Pink Herring

PS - Dear Mrs. Lopez-Anthony. What the hell? Your alleged "foot injury" prevented you from being carried in on a gilded throne to sit in judgement of three undeserving mortals? I expected more from you, Jenny.


I am serious when I say that I would have stopped watching this season after week 2 or 3 if not for your recaps! You made it far more entertaining than it should have been, and I am so glad Leanne won!

I'll love you forever if you recap Top Chef too!!


A great recap, as usual, and I'm sorry to see them come to an end. I will miss them.

I was happy Leanne won -- I second everything you said. And I'm glad Kenley got what was coming to her, although I'll grudgingly admit that her line was pretty decent.

Still...I would KILL FOR Korto's long green halter dress. Totally gorgeous!


Oh, and I agree with Quart. Top Chef recaps would be SO. AMAZING. Do it, please!

Cliff O'Neill

I think I heard a massive echo coming down the street when Kenley made that "attitude" comment with the entire neighborhood yelling, "Ya thank?!" at that very moment!

Go glad Leanne won, though I would have been happy with Korto too. I hope they'll both have long, successful careers!

Great recaps, as always!


Thanks for the recaps. You nailed exactly what I would have written (only much better). I loved the look of dread on Kenley's face when Tim was announced as the surprise guest judge.

I'm glad Leanne won, but I loved Korto's show more. Her dresses were beautiful. Now it's time for my all time favorite show, Top Chef.


I'm so proud you made it through the whole season!

Like 5 weeks ago I was spoiled when I saw a picture of Leanne holding the keys to her new Saturn on Jezebel... so I had to hold it in all this time! But I liked her the best anyway, so I was okay with it :)

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Hi! I miss your blogs! Where did you go?! It's been months since an update! Ok, well, days anyway. So you probably got sucked into the economic vortex and are spending all your time trying to make a living or something, but on a selfish note, I miss your humor! :) I hope you're not getting too beaten down by stress. I'd come by and buy out your store if I lived closer...or if I had money...


I second Laurie's post. Your humor has been greatly missed.

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