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September 12, 2008



Uhm - planetarium?!?!? YES PLEASE!


Do you think the model wearing Kenley's dress walked around backstage asking the other models, "Do you think this dress makes my shoulders look big?"

Operation Pink Herring

I am having a really hard time buying that these matchups weren't staged. Really? The Dynamic Duo of Disastrous Designs were just thrown together by chance? I'm sad to see Blayne go even though all his stuff was horrific. He's like a terribly annoying younger brother and I will sort of miss him. Terri, I will not miss. I actually yelled "Sayonara, beeyotch!" at the TV when she got the boot.

Don't worry, Kenly HAS to be next.


none of the designers are Cancers which completely makes since why I could never survive in Fashion.


since? Sense. I hate the english language.


I was sort of sad to see Blayne go too. He was very sort of sweet. Terri -- well, she was starting to get on my nerves, so I would have been okay if she went home...but NOT THIS WEEK. THIS WEEK KENLEY SHOULD HAVE GONE. Seriously, HOW is she still there, after insulting Heidi and interrupting the judges about a zillion times?

And was I the only one who thought MK was on something this week? He was in rare form at the runway show!


During the auf-ing, I was yelling menacingly at the TV, "Do it, Heidi! Double whammy on Blayne and Suede!" I thought Suede's third-person alter-ego had really done him in, but noooo. Bah. At least Blayne is gone, though. He never did grow on me.

Keith was pretty whiny, but Terri was insanely mean to him. I didn't blame him at all for walking away.

As irritating as Kenley is, I think she is one of the more talented people on the show, so I am okay with her not being booted. However, I am NOT okay with her refusing to take feedback and constant interrupting. Next week, she's at it again, so maybe she'll finish up that grave she's digging.

Mike C

Nothing against you or the show but I cant wait till it is over so you can go back to your regular blog entries. You are at your best blogging about yourself Elise. Does anyone else feel this way?

Cliff O'Neill

Am so damn late with posting my comment!

Damn that Hurricane Ike!

Anyways, yeah. So bummed my gal Terri was auf'ed. Though she probably deserved it this week. But Kenley ... Argh. Personally, I thought Suede and Blayne should have both gone.

Now to work my own Ep. 10 blog!

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