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September 05, 2008



I, too, am starting to find Blayne sort of...endearing. In a very tanorexic-licious way. I didn't get the whole Mary Kate thing either, though, especially since Tim said they were meeting a fashion legend and, I'm sorry, MK Olsen is FAR from a fashion legend!

I am starting to really like Leanne and I'd say she will definitely be at Bryant Park.

I can't even talk about Kenley because she just horrifies me. Everything about her is horrible, just horrible.

Stella is curiously fit. I like your yoga/spinning idea, because my mind went somewhere else entirely (involving Ratbones, see where I'm going with this?). In any case, she's gone now. And rightfully so!


Was it just me or was Stella's complexion much clearer than it has been. It's like PR was her own little rehab center.

Cliff O'Neill

Yeah, Stella (along with the loony twins, Suede & Blayne) were, in my estimation, cast solely for camera value and not for design skill.

No one more so than Stella.

Oh, and glad to see someone else feel Rachel Zoe is hideous.

Great recap!

allthewine loves LEATHA

there are still so many designers left! This show is taking forever!

one day, when I catch a marathon I will reread your recaps and laugh and laugh because they will make so much more sense...as for now I just laugh and laugh because you are adorable and hilarious. AS A RULE.


I agree on everything. I thought Leanne's was just amazing.

Also, was I the only one who thought that the dress Kenley wore for the runway show looked suspiciously similar to the very dress she designed? Similar print, similar silhouette. The only difference to me was that the dress she wore had some weird shoulder cap things, and the dress she designed lacked those, but had the high collar. I thought it was an interesting choice of wardrobe for her.


Although I generally don't care for Stella's desgins, I thought there were ones much worse than hers on this episode. I think the pants suit is kinda cute, if it had a shirt under it or something. Can't tell what the cape looks like, but it probably needs to be longer to work.

Joe's looks lopsided, Leanne's is pretty and svelte, Terri's looks like something I've actually worn, Jerrell's is just ugly, Korto's has too much going on and looks messy, Blayne's is weird, Suede's is mismatched, and Kenley's looks great but doesn't fit the challenge (plus she's rude).

There's my two cents.

And if you've seen the movie Working Girl from 1988 with Melanie Griffith in it, then this quote is perfect for Stella, as uttered by Joan Cusack while holding up a sparkly coctail dress: "Six Thousand Dollahs?!? It's not even leatha!!!!"


Blayne calling Mary-Kate Olsen a "fashion icon" made this episode for me. I forgot about the interrupting - Kenley is SO annoying. I thought Heidi was going to throttle her. She should have.


Terri's one attempt at a skirt was during the first challenge. It wasn't a success! Although you'd think she COULD do it.

Terri's design didn't do homage to A Foreign Affair (40s period) at all. Of course, she wasn't the only one....(Blayne, Suede, Joe)


In Stelluh's farewell interview over on Project Rungay, she actually talked about going to yoga, so maybe we weren't too far off the mark! It still cracks me up to think of her spinning. Or doing STEP AEROBICS! Can you imagine?

Blayne is also growing on me, I hate to admit it, though Suede is getting more annoying and fake each week. He is such a tool.

I hope the hinted-at double-elimination next time doesn't take out any of the good designers. There are still too many crap ones left to be aufed!


When the women were in the bathroom at Atlas I couldn't figure out who that woman fixing her make-up in the mirror was. Then it hit me! That's Kinley pre-lipstick, pre-pancake make-up, pre-40's war bride wannabe! That was a shocker.

I loved Leanne's look. It was amazing. Maybe Joe should stick to designing for drag queens?


I loved how Leanne reacted after she won! So cute. She has come a long way from that shiny brown, flippy floppy Peter Pan thing she made that one time.

I can't imagine myself ever liking Blayne. I hope he proves me wrong, but so far, he seems completely inane and untalented to me.

Kenley's interrupting was unacceptable, but I want to like her. Her designs aren't half bad, but her personality is getting in the way of that. C'mon, Kenley, shut up and sew!

And Suede, just shut up.

allthewine loves LEATHA

wait is Keith back??? What is going on.

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