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September 26, 2008



Oh, I was so happy when LL was the judge for Kenley's hip hop outfit. It was atrocious. Not at all the genre and horribly made. Micheal Kors clearly did not like Suede. He always found something mean to say about him/his outfits.

I don't understand the Kenley love (and clearly they love her for whatever reason) because if anyone else would have made that outfit, they would have been sent packing.


You had me until you dissed LL. I'm not a hip-hop fan but I love me some LL. That's about as bad as Kenley dissing Tim Gunn. Okay, Kenley getting a smack down from Tim Gun was SWEET! They are clearly keeping her on the show for drama. She has no talent. But I loved how Kenley took all the comments about the outfit Jerrell designed for her as if they were comments about "her."

This comment is all over the place but there were so many juicy pieces about this episode.


This episode was terrible. Lol. I was really looking forward to the challenge - it doesn't seem to be like anything they've done yet...but the results were pretty disappointing, honestly.

...I think I'm just disappointed with the finalists.

But - I really like your berating Kenley. Somehow I liked her in the beginning.

Okay. okay. I like Leeanne. I think. But I'll change my mind next wek I'm sure.


Wek? Did I say Wek? Yeah. Hrm.

Cliff O'Neill

Marvy recap, doll.

Thoughts: Being a music maven, I'll admit here that the show's particular use of the particular phrase "rock & roll" left me a bit ... at loose ends. If it has been "rock," I could picture this, but, to me, "rock & roll" is a pre-Beatles phrase which suggests rockabilly more than it does Aerosmith. But that's just me, I know.

As for Kenley. The girl is a pill extraordinaire. And hardly so talented to still be around. But ...

Save for the wonky job she did on the high-waisted pants, the look was designer chic hip-hop. It just wasn't Gangsta Rap. Besides, there aren't women in Gangsta Rap anymore (for all practical purposes).

At least I won't have to deal with Suede until the reunion. And I can look forward to Kenley crashing and burning next week. (She _is_ going to crash and burn next week, right?)



Didn't you just LOVE Nina Garcia turning the full power of her UberBitchface toward Kenley? If looks could kill, Whine-ley would be dead.


I wouldn't say that I have Kenley love, but I admit to Kenley tolerate. I like that she has a clear point of view, and this season's designers were so uninspired that she seemed the most cohesive to me. That said, I hate her behavior lately, and The Gunn's dressing-down was AWESOME.

I'm glad that Suede is gone. He underperformed for the past handful of challenges, and I never understood why he was qualified for the show. Of the finalists, though, I'm torn. It could be anyone's game. I do rather like that there is major girl power in this season.


I'm almost ready to stop watching the show, I hate Kenley that much. I can't believe she's still there! I just don't UNDERSTAND.

I definitely think the other three deserve to be in the final four, though. It'll be interesting to see what happens next week -- looks like lots of tears in the preview for the episode. HOPEFULLY Kenley will go. If she makes it to Bryant Park, I think I will have a meltdown.


Kenley hasn't shown any talent. I think her designs are boring. Her hip-hop outfit was pathetic. What planet does she live on? If she makes it to Brysnt Park, I won't be watching.

Operation Pink Herring

(I FINALLY am caught up on PR)

I must have a thing for the underdog, because Suede has really grown on me. I can't believe they sent HIM home instead of Kenley! The hip-hop outfit was tragic. The rock and roll look, also NOT GOOD (and omg, I almost had to look away when Suede told MK "maybe you need a closer look at the pants"... NO ONE NEEDS A CLOSER LOOK AT THOSE TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT PANTS), but at least Suede didn't use super-high waisted jeans and a floral blouse for "hip hop"! At least he left gracefully, adios Suede. I'll sort of miss you.

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