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September 22, 2008



No, I don't think Joe should have been auf'd. I think Leanne's grey jacket is way more hideous than Joe's outfit altogether. Not that I think Leanne should have been auf'd. Tough choice on this episode. Although I think Suede's design is cute, I suppose it does look to average and run of the mill. I really don't like Jerrell's at all. I think I like Korto's design the best. Then again, I do have a curvy figure so maybe that's why.

It's funny, too, because last week I read this little article about predictions for the winner, and some people had predicted Joe to be the end winner. I guess they thought wrong! At this stage I would guess Jerrell or Leanne. But who knows.

Operation Pink Herring

I love Jerrell more and more as the season goes on. Loved the outfit he made (did not love the tree branch he was wearing on his head), totally thought he deserved the win. Joe annoys me and I'm happy to see him go, but I really thought Suede deserved the boot... that dress was a total disaster!


Okay, i don't watch this show and I'm generally a damn unfashionable person, but... i think a lot of these girls look like they've stepped right out of 1985.


Joe's dress was absolutely awful. If it had at least fit correctly instead of bunching pulling like a pair of women in a catfight over Jimmy Choo's at the Barney's Annual Sale, it might have gotten a pass. As it was is was horrible. Suede's outfit was bad but at least it was well made.


I thought Suede's outfit was worse, PLUS Suede has had more than one hiccup on the runway, while Joe has typically done a really good job. So I thought Suede should have gone.

Love Jerrell, love Leanne, still hate Kenley with a passion. I think she's the most annoying person on ProRun EVER. She literally makes me want to pull out my hair.


I am so disappointed that Suede is still there. He is obviously not as talented as the rest, and I don't understand why the judges continue to let him through. For me, it's like when Heidi says something like, "I don't really want to see more." No more Suede!

It was so awful when Kenley and her client both laughed on the runway. Unprofessional and unsportsmanlike. I am so torn because I think she's really talented, but she is behaving so unkindly lately.


I think Joe and Suede were both equally shittacular this episode, but I wish that Suede had gone home instead. He grates on my nerves worse and worse each week.

I thought Leanne's jacket was awful with the dress, but might've been cute on either a taller girl or on that girl with a nice dark pair of jeans. I still love Leanne, misfire aside.

I love Jerell more and more. His trajectory is the opposite of Suede's for me.

Suede: Meh -- Gah -- Shut up -- no seriously -- Hate -- HAAAAAAAATE

Jerell: Meh -- Hmm -- HA! zing! -- Dude, this kid is hilarious -- Love -- no really, LOOOOOOOVE


I loved Leanne's dress when she took off that hideous jacket thing.

Does anyone else think that they edit in Kenley laughing even when she doesn't? It's really easy to do. While we see her laughing at a comment made to detriment Joe, don't you think the judges would have said something?

Although she did laugh when Daniel was talking about his taste on the runway... It just seems odd no one would say anything.

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