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September 09, 2008



Ah, customers. I hate them. Whenever someone asks me how my job is, I always say, "it'd be a lot better if there weren't any customers." haha

If I had more money and more time (and was more of a stalker) I'd come to your store just to give you a hard time. I'd like to see what you'd write about me.


Yes, come! I'll make sure to do a good profile for you :)

The thing is, I LOVE most of my customers. Seriously, like 95% of them are awesome. One of my best best best friends is/was a customer - meaning, that's how we met. It's just the random weirdos who get all the profiling because...well. They're freakin' weird.


i love number three! love it.

i laughed so hard.


I can actually imagine some of my clients acting that way when shopping. At least I don't usually have to deal with them in person though.

I think INP is my favorite.


I so want to come to your store. And, I used to work retail, and oh, yes. People. Are insane.


This is why people who work in retail have my utmost respect. I don't think I could do it and not kill someone.


Oh lordy, those people do sound really annoying. I wouldn't have the slightest clue of how to respond. I'd probably just smile and nod to the first guy and throw in a slight "hehe" from time to time. With # 3, I don't know.. maybe I'd give her the whiney high pitched "nooo, sorrrryyyy!!!" line with a sympathetic look when she asked about it being on sale. Then again, who knows. I'm not good in retail.


Ahhh, retail. Are these people for real? Of course they are. That's insane. I have so much respect for you right now.


I wish I worked for you. This was hilarious... and somewhat frustrating...since I have worked in retail before.

PS I need to see your store when I come to Dallas.

allthewine loves LEATHA

you're a peach for working (and starting your own business) in retail. Everything about it sounds great besides the people.


Are you sure you don't work at a family law firm?

Fraulein N

Oh. My. Damn. See, this is why I can't work in customer service, at least not face-to-face.


I'm on tenterhooks waiting for your Project Runway recap!!! I think I've checked your site 5 times so far today. Help, you've gotten me addicted to fashion, LOL.


I read this out loud to Hub-E this morning for some entertainment, and he'd like me to tell you that Customer # 1 is a "sexual intellectual"... a f'ing know-it-all.

That is Hub-E's favorite saying that he picked up from a Jimmy Buffett book and he likes to use it whenever he can, haha.


Haha. Well, we all gotta follow the adage ' Customer is King' but in these cases, there's only so much you can endure before going bonkers!! :) I'd like to invite you to join us at www.womenetcetera.com, a website for women who believe in embracing transitions and change and making the most of our individualities and our lives. Do check us out!

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