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August 13, 2008



hmm I'll have to get back to you. I know there were specific moments but I can't remember exactly what they were.


but more importantly... PERIOD PANTIES!! TOTALLY. Gah, she deserved to be made fun of.


One of the moments when I realized I could be friends with Devi was when she pulled out her fake tooth and wasn’t insulted when I expressed just how much it creeped me out.


Ha! This post was great. A few years ago, I went out one night with a friend of mine and she brought her friend, L, along. L was the designated driver. Newly single, I drank my face off. When L was driving us home I thankfully fell asleep in her car. I woke up as her car pulled up to my building, opened the door,..and puked all over the sidewalk. Awesome!!! She called the next day to see how I was....a fabulous friendship was born...and in 4 days she will walk down the aisle as one of my bridesmaids! Hopefully no further puking will ensue.


"I knew, right that minute, that this was the type of poorly-hygiened girl I could be friends with"

Classic! So good. LOL

Yes, friendships are fascinating. One of my best friends, Maya, I didn't like at first. I remember exactly how she looked and what she wore when I first met her. I was around 18 I think. She would have been 16 or 17. I was sitting down in someone's living room and first her mother came up and introduced herself. Then she introduced her daughter, and I see this very brown, tan, beautiful girl with long brown hair and exotic brown eyes wearing a whispy white cotton/linen dress. She smiled and shook my hand.

Later I was at Magic Mountain with a bunch of friends and Maya was there too. There was a guy that I had a crush on and I saw her sitting next to him on the Merry Go Round and they were laughing and she was taking his beanie off and putting it on her head. I was so jealous.

Then later I was at church, where we both went to the same one, and afterwards as I was leaving her mother came up to me at my car and said, "Maya is so happy you are in our congregation now! She really wants to get together with you!"

"Really?" I said.
"Yes! She's so happy to have another young person her age in the hall and she keeps talking about wanting to hang out with you!"

Wow, I thought to myself. I didn't think she liked me. I didn't think I liked her!

But her mom was so bubbly and enthusiastic. It just went from there. I don't remember what happened next, whether we exchanged phone numbers or addresses or what. I do know that I have a letter that she wrote to me years ago. She wrote it on a page pulled from a magazine, and wrote around the edges of the paper. The page was folded up all intricately and mailed in a square envelope.

The next thing I know we were on the roof of her house, tanning ourselves and talking about whatever. That was 10 years ago.

The rest is history.


It's all true, too- except that its been 11 or 12 years now -Chiada and I are getting old! LOL

About Chiada saying "I didn't know if I liked HER": This is the story of my life: I want to be friends with chicks, 99 out of 100 of them write me off BEFORE we ever hang out, for some seriously stupid reasons (they think I want to a) steal their mens b) be a superficial person. Thankfully Chiada gave me a wee break, and the rest is history.



29 years ago, having just moved into the nurses home, beginning my nurses training, Mandy and I knew we were going to be best friends when everyone else was worried about how they would do in all the exams and working on the wards and giving injections and we were worried we didn't have enough cool posters to stick on our walls. It was obvious that only the 2 of us had our priorites straight and sure enough all these years later we still know what is important!

blogging barbie

would you say our "just knew" moment was when you returned from the rockboat and i was obscenely happy/jealous/excited for you, and the fact you got to experience that?

just a thought. i heart you.


Teacher A

Although we had already met, my husband and I clicked on a trip to Las Vegas. He knew when, instead of giving him a back rub, I gave him a back scratch (his favorite thing) without his asking. I knew when he didn't freak out about my poking his injuries (on accident!) and my sleep-talking. He also smelled really good. I spent the entire drive to Vegas trying to smell him inconspicuously.


Ha, this is hilarious. Gross, but hilarious. I can't think of my "moment," but do wish I could sew curtains for my new room...


I love this kind of story!

My BFF-NYC Mere and I met at work. We bonded by being the last to leave a couple of work happy hours. BUT WE FELL IN LOVE (as friends) one morning, long before happy hour, when we discovered a mutual drunk craving for mozzarella sticks. That night, drinks were drunk, "sticks" were ordered, and a true, true friendship was born! :)

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