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August 29, 2008



Ratbones. I'm still not over that. SO glad Keith is gone, hoping Kenley goes next, mostly just because I hate her. She's a horrible person. Jerrell, on the other hand, I LOVE. I'm totally pulling for him. He said something really funny about Terri this episode but I can't remember what it was. Leanne is all right, too, but she needs to brush her hair.

I am impressed with how nice you were to Stella, and especially Blayne, this week. But I have to confess that I hope you're back to the hateration next week. (Did I really just say "hateration"? OMG I think I did.)


(Oh, and also? I'm thinking Rachel Zoe was only on there because the producers MADE her be a judge so she could promote her show. WTF, why did they give her a SHOW?! At least I HOPE that's the only reason, as I wouldn't take style advice from her if she was the last crystal meth addict on earth. I totally agree with you, she's a major skank.)


What about the "Timlicious" from Blayne? I was hoping that the rest of the cast would tie an engine block to Blayne's feet and throw him in the East River.

I loved Leanne's design but was disappointed that Stella and her different but not at all different design didn't get called out for the seams not meeting.

And can you tell me why do they always use a nasty yellow filter on the outdoor shots of Parsons? It looks as if NYC has jaundice. It's jaundlicious.

RJ Flamingo

You know, I missed the "Tim-licious", too. While I agree that Kenley is a bitch on wheels, I am delighted that Keith was auf-ed. As one of my readers noted, he is excuse-boy... and got on my last good nerve!

Here's mine: http://flamingomusings.blogspot.com




I bet if Kenley wins again, there'll be a model swap. She's so pissed to have lost the oddly named Shannone.

Operation Pink Herring

Rat Bones. RATBONES! That should have surprised me, but it didn't. Of course Stella has a boyfriend named Rat Bones. It just made me feel really and truly sorry for her. I hope Rat Bones treats her well, because crazy as Stella is, no one deserves to be dating a dude named Rat Bones at 42.

Don't kill me, but I sort of love Blayne. His designs suck most of the time, but at least he seems really genuine. So he loves tanning and has the IQ of an iguana! At least he's not mean (AHEM KENLY)

Dear Kenly, I know you think you're a vision of the 1920s incarnate or something, but please stop pinning shit to your head. It pisses me off more than Stella wearing the same unforgettable leggings THREE TIMES ALREADY. You know what's really sad, I would totally have a girl-crush on Kenly if she weren't such a bitch.


gah! This is what happens, I admit a favorite (keith) and he is eliminated. That is why I cannot reveal my true favorite.


hey, this has absolutely nothing to do with your post, but thanks for your comment about mak. it means so much to me that you would share, and it really helped get it all into some sort of perspective. it is like i do, and then it gets all skewed because of my freaking out that she is freaking out. so thank you. praying for you...


I don't really understand Leanne's dress and what is going on with it in the hip region. It looks really odd and bulbous to me. Can you explain it? It reminds me of Goldmember in the Austin Powers movie when he's first introduced at the roller derby and he sits on the ground and pulls his (fake) legs up and behind his head and his thigh at the bottom is all icky. You know that part? (http://www.imdb.com/media/rm622041088/ch0027692) That's how Leanne's dress looks in the hip area. Or like there's something under the dress there. The bodice is nice, though.

And, I like almost all of Korto's designs, even if they are pretty similar with the kimono look going for them. I thought this week's dress was pretty cool. I'd wear it if I was into cutting edge fashion. Reminds me of something Angelina Jolie would wear on Hackers. (http://www.hotflick.net/pictures/995HAC_Angelina_Jolie_049.html)


Oh that was just excellent. This post made me so happy, I can't even tell you.

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