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August 21, 2008



I absolutely love Varla Jean. I squealed like a drag queen (although I was wearing khakis and a white t-shirt) when I saw she was one of the models. I'm glad she won but I have to admit, I loved Terri's outfit. And MK would kill himself trying to walk in those boots!


Okay so I don't watch this show... but I should I know......

I would love to watch you watch this show because I think that would be very entertaining.


The whole Keith-crying-and-hugging-Daniel-and-forcing-Daniel-to-console-him thing at the end was super weird to me. Keith just creeps me out a litte bit. I was happy for Joe, and I loved that of all the competitions he could have won, he won this one. And he can't be touched next week, woo hoo!


Gah, they always follow up a dissapointing elimination with a GIMMICK.

I'm sorry you had to suffer through it.


As soon as I saw this week's challenge, I immediately thought to myself, "I can't wait to read Elise's recap." And you did not fail me, my love! Excellent job.

I say Stella and Blayne (OMG, "Stayne"!!) should be fair game next week!


I was so proud of Joe and his pink catsuit! He was so squeamish at first, and he really pulled through. Philosophically, however, I am against rewarding designers with immunity because I don't think anyone should be safe from elimination.

Yay that Daniel is gone! He was so irritatingly whiny and pompous. Come to think of it, I imagine he still is.

It's too bad they can't boot off more than one person at a time. I would not be sad if Blayne, Suede, Stella, Keith, and Leeann all got auf'd in some killer coup.


I love that Joe won the drag queen challenge! And yes, I was soooo uncomfortable watching the Keith/Daniel goodbye, and kind of hoping that Keith was so upset he'd follow Daniel out.

Again I ask why these people don't know that when they say "I disagree with Tim. I am going to ignore him," they are definitely going to be kicked off. It happens every time. I know it's editing, but c'mon. You're an idiot, Daniel.

You, Elise, are a genius. Excellent wrap up once again. And you definitely have my approval to go back on your promise next week. We all would have done anything to see Daniel go!


I actually caught this episode before reading your blog, for once, and the whole show I kept thinking, "I can't WAIT to see what Elise is going to say about THAT!" :) Loved the recap, as usual!! You crack me up!


I think that, through your recaps, I'm beginning to dig Jerrell, too.

I could lose Keith next week...

Cliff O'Neill

I really have no clue what Daniel's thing is (aside from bedding Wesley).

And Terri STILL gets no love! Grrr.

I guess Joe did a good job, but I thought hiding the "candy" was, the job of, er, foam rubber and duct tape?

blogging barbie

dude. your recaps make the show, like, a bajillion times better. no joke. they need to like, hire you or something.

also my new OBSESSION? shear genious. that shit is sheer. genious.

also, for the record my fav drag queen was ann margaret on steroids, but my fav drag queen outfit was korto's. i also found myself really liking jerrell. and tanalicious man needs to go. like yesterday.


Hi, Elise! Thanks for the shoutout! (And freakin' LOL at the setup for it!)

Great recap, as usual. And as for Stella/Blayne, I don't think you have to keep that promise. (Although it might be fun if you were "nice" to them using really backhanded, passive-aggressive compliments.)


I am so glad I am not the only one who thinks Kenley is becoming annoying and super-smackable. I liked her for one episode, but now I want to punch her just about every time she opens her mouth to be snarky about someone else.


I love your recaps. This season is really disappointing to me, so seeing that I'm not alone really helps. Not to mention how much I laugh every time I read your blog.

I'm surprised you didn't like Terri's outfit, the hybrid drag queen looked absolutely stunning to me. And as someone said in a comment last week, Stella is beginning to become endearing in a I-pity-you-because-you-obviously-never-came-out-of-that-bad-lsd-trip sort of way.

They're pushing Jerrell because they know the more they do, the better stuff he'll put out. He has such amazing concepts and a sob story to boot. Perfect winner.

Operation Pink Herring

I was so happy with the judging this week, GOODBYE, ASSHOLE! NO ONE WILL MISS YOU! MUAH!

Terri's outfit terrified me, and I thought it should therefore win. Drag is supposed to be terrifying, is it not? But I did love the pink suit, mostly because the queen LOVED it so much.

RuPaul... looks like she should have been cast in the new Mummy movie. As the mummy. Wowzer.

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