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August 15, 2008


Operation Pink Herring

I totally thought Jerrell and Stella should have won. They actually worked together, their outfit was awesome, and Jerrell managed to get stella to create something not black! success!

Stella moved up a few notches in my book this episode, because I felt so bad for her. And Jerrell was awesome. I now love him, even though he did wear a Peter Pan hat in the last episode.

Kenly needs to die.


I don't know what I like more, the show or the re-caps. Oh, as for the trolls...they provide amusement, nothing more. Asshats.

Anyhoodle, I hate Daniel and Suede's impersonation of the Calvin Klein ad (which you know he's been practicing in the mirror since the commercial first aired) was almost enough to stop me from watching the show. Dingo hates Suede.

But Stella, that train wreck, she keeps drawing me back in. What a wonderful casting decision -- the right amount of wackiness with likability. But I don't want her to win.

Miz Shoes

Great re-cap, as always, sweetie-darling. And I agree that Kelli's sleeve of sewing notions was awsome. I think she got the boot because she was the team leader, and that ensemble was a walking train wreck. Belly-baring, bad proportions, awful technique. Also? Throwing your team-mate under the bus is always a bad thing. She should have volunteered herself as team leader. I really believe that was the only reason they kept Oompa-Loompa-Licious around, because he manned up and was willing to take the hit.


I don't let the trolls have an opportunity to twist my words - I have to approve all comments before they are posted.

Although design sense may be a little wack this season, it seems that these designers have better finishing skills than some in the past, don't you think?

Read my recap here.


I think I've gotten to the point where I am only watching this season so I know what you're talking about when you do your recap!

Cliff O'Neill

Well, I loved Terri's look too. (And I think I may end up loving every damn thing she does at this point.)

And I am a big Kelli fan, but that outfit was really sad. I would have preferred to see Danny Downer go for it, but, in the end, it was her creation, I suppose.

I'm also distressed that we're faced with more weeks of some of these folks. But we'll see!


I don't watch this show, and now I don't have to because I can just read about it online! I felt like I was right in there! I looooove The Gunn.


Lovely re-cap, very inoffensive this time, GO YOU. We wouldn't want to offend.

That being said...OMG THIS SEASON IS CRAZY. I can't believe Kelli is gone. I think next weekend I am going to go down to her store and console her. She was cheated and she had every right to be pissed.

At first I was sort of amused by Stella, but that was ONLY because I thought she'd only be there for a short time. The fact that she's flown under the radar for this long is frightening.

GRRRR! Exclamation point!


Nit-picky commentors make blogging un-fun. When we do bad celebrity style posts over at Second City Style, someone always, without fail, says- "You guys are too mean and demanding. Celebrities have it hard, having to look good all the time." If you don't like a little snarky, opinion-based teasing of poorly dressed celebs, don't bother to read.

Anyway, back at ya on the great recapping! I gotta say though, I love me some Stella. She's crazy and possibly tasteless but hilarious as a character, at least. And while they are clearly trying to vilify Keith, Terri and Kenley were clearly the mean girls this week! Meannnn.


anyone who wants to troll you? I will cut them. Cut them WITH LEATHA.

I freaked the moment Kelli was axed, in symbiotic freaking for you (what? Is that a sentence that can/should be used?)

But I kinda liked Keith's. Actually Keith is my favorite designer left. So at this rate he'll probably be cut next week.


You sing it sista!! {I always liked you too!}

Jenny, Bloggess

Holy crap, I didn't even know Project Runway was on again. TIVO, YOU HAVE FAILED ME!


This was a great recap and now that I have seen what the outfits looked like, WTF were they thinking when they chose Keith/Kenley's outfit? They must figure that nobody will watch that stupid show, so it doesn't matter what Brooke wears. And getting rid of Kelli when Daniel clearly has I-don't-care-anymore-itis is total b.s. I agree that the winning outfit should have been either Jerell/Stella's or Terri/Suede's outfit, so I'm more convinced that Bravo is trying to sink the show so that nobody watches it when it goes to Lifetime.


HELLO, is that Kelli-the-real-Kelli up there?! Elise, you have hit The Big Time!!!

Um, yes. So, Blayne and his -liciousness can just shut it, because Tim Gunn will never say "holla atcha boy" of his own volition! It is time to start booting off the ridiculous people on the show and get down to talent. I'm annoyed that there seems to be so much producer involvement during this season. I can see no other explanation.

And for what it's worth, I totally say my punctuation for emphasis. Like, if something is "true slash harsh." Or if I just don't get something, sometimes, I just say, "question mark?" The Gunn and I are on the same page!


Elise, I no longer have Bravo, so you are my lifeline to Project Runway.

No pressure or anything. :)

I'm kind of crushed that Kelli was auf'ed!

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