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August 08, 2008



Great re-cap, as usual...What you missed, after Stella was talking about how using black was such a risk, was her saying, "Bikers watch the Olympics, too." Ohhhh, Stella. Is it just me, or do the contestants all seem a LOT crazier than usual? I mean, usually there are one or two crazies thrown in...but this year there seem to be a LOT.

Miz Shoes

"Blayne is a half-baked little gnome with straw for hair and round plastic balls for eyes."

That is just a perfect description of our little Oompa-Loompa-Licious.

And I had the same reaction to Daniel's cocktail dress: Coffee, tea or a 100 meter dash?


I am so glad you are doing these recaps. I love this show.

The funniest thing about this episode was Stella's emphatic assertion that bikers are really into the Olympics.

While Blayne is annoying, he endeared himself to me with his "leatha" mimic of Stella a week ago. Hilarious!

I'm glad they gave Holly Hobby the boot. She was boring.

Shanna Wooten

Ugh, I'm glad I'm not the only one who had a hard time distinguishing between LeAnn and Jennifer. It was weird. And I totally agree with you on Daniel's dress looking like something a flight attendant would wear.

I'm just at a loss of words for Stella. I almost can't watch because she annoys me so much. Nothing she does is good, but she's never in the bottom. I don't get it.


"...Apolo Ohno, who apparently is an Olympic speed skater for the USA. Even though the name "Apolo Ohno" doesn't sound American, at all."

What an ignorant statement, even if it was trying to be a joke. Many natural-born Americans have "ethnic" names, and who decided that Anglo names equaled "American", anyway? This country was built on immigrants from all backgrounds. If they were both born here, "Apolo Ohno" is no less American than "John Smith".


Just wondering if you actually watched the Parade of Nations during this year's opening ceremonies? Because there were a lot of non-sporty, non-athletic designs on display. Several countries dressed their female athletes to look like airline stewardesses, and, at least one country (hello, Poland) had theirs in cocktail attire. So much for your claim, in relation to Daniel's dress, that "No way would any Olympian wear this. Ever." Granted, the cocktail dresses on the Polish girls looked prettier than Daniel's, but still...


"Oh look, Keith was an athlete. He did competitive gymnastics from a very young age. Do you ever wonder if these people just make things up on the spot and then when all their friends and family watch the show when it comes out, they are like, "Wha? You went to the LittleGym for like, a week, Keith. Since when is that 'competitive gymnastics'?"

ROFL - that is probably exactly the case!


I couldn't get over all of the "vintage." Just because they were in a museum for inspiration didn't mean they were supposed to go back in time.


I'm sad I missed it this week. I will have to ensure I catch it tomorrow.


time to 'fess up

I don't watch Project Runway. I'm not even sure it's on one of the 5 network stations my little tv gets (fine. 7 if you include the spanish channels). HOWEVER. I religiously read your recaps because you make it hilarious. props!

Operation Pink Herring

I had no idea who Apollo was either. I also had no idea speed skating was an Olympic sport. Confession: I don't watch the Olympics. Gasp.

When MK asked if she was from the Republic of Cocktail land I almost died. Also, "idear"? WTF, Heidi?

I actually thought Snooze's outfit was adorable, but I knew she would get kicked off for it. Adorable, as in I'd like to buy it at Ann Taylor. Nothing to do with Olympic anything. I may not know anything about fashion and sewing, but at least I know what when you're given a task, you can't just do whatever you want and expect to win, Snooze.

Best part of the episode, I thought, was when whats-his-name made fun of Blayne's tanning obsession, saying "at least he has all that blond hair to keep him alive!" OMG... seriously, what does Blayne think he is? A plant? You don't operate on photosynthesis, Blayne. Tanning does not keep you alive.

I cannot wait to hear what you thought of last night's episode. I'm all caught up now!


Korto and Terri definitely were the best, although I would have rounded out the top three with Leanne's. I was surprised Leanne didn't get a higher score - hers was very sportswear and patriotic while still being fashion forward.

All the regular street clothes that some of these suckers came up with that had NOTHING to do with the challenge?!? Blech!

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