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August 01, 2008





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Terrific write up! I was also shocked and confused with Kenley's win. Didn't she say she was a 40's pinup type of stylist and then she gives us the really horrible looking dress that no one in their right minds would ever wear?

Sure Emily's dress had strange line on the front, but she did a great job interpreting her photo, and her dress looked really well made.

I usually love Project Runway, but so far this season I'm not impressed.


lol you are hilarious esp that part about the rain!! haha he did say it like a million times

i love proj runway too but not so impressed this season...

lovedddddddd christian siriano though

Miz Shoes

Thanks for the comment on my blog and the link to here. Great, snarky, spot-on recap. Loved it.


I agreed with everything you said! In fact, I actually had the exact same thoughts during the show. Maybe we are twins separated at birth?!


I agree with pretty much everything. Blayne is a total weirdo and his obsession with neon is not good. Gross. He just creeps me out. LeeAnn's was definitely my favorite, but other than that, they were all...eh. Not as good as what I was expecting. And I really want to take that hammer and pound Stella in the head with it. She's so incredibly annoying.

P.S. Emily reminded me of a little bird.


Is it me or have their challenges been waaay too easy so far? I thought at the very least they'd have to switch photos and fabric at some point. Where are the trips to the recycling center? Huge clothes made into skinny clothes? Prom dresses for snarky teenagers?

I agree that Emily's dress was by far not the worst. I think they were punishing her for being stupid and ignoring Tim. When will these people learn?

Love your recaps!


Good recap! I don't agree with all of it (I actually thought Kenley's dress was semi-decent), but it was funny and entertaining. Oh and btw, Leanne spells her name the way I just spelled it.

Amy in OHio

This post made the whole episode for me. I will not watch again without you.


"Ungh," Stella thinks. "This not leatha....this not food...what this?" <---hahahahaha!

Fantastic recap!


hilarious! and although it probably took you 14 hours to write, I was laughing the whole way through. Stella! Leatha!

Operation Pink Herring

I love reading your recaps before I watch the show. I don't really understand "fashion", so I need to know what's going to happen in advance so I can pay attention. Tim DID say "it's raining down RAIN out there in the RAINY weather" about a million times, and Stella... oh, Stella. First of all, the makeup. W.T.F. She looks like Alice Cooper. Second, leatha leatha leatha. WE GET IT. YOU LIKE TEH LEATHA. And third... "Who's helping me! Who's helping me!" Die, Stella.


FINALLY watched this episode, and yeah. To me? The worst three weren't even in the six that they pulled aside. That black boring jumpsuit? Yawn. STD Stella? GO HOME PLS. Suede's boring boring boring boring boring? They all should've gone home for being totally uninspiring.

Awesome recap of course.

blogging barbie

so....i'm kinda digging jerrell's dress. it's def different, and...interesting...but i THINK i might be able to pull it off with my green eyes blonde hair and skin tone.

you know. for all the fancy schmancy affairs i have in small town america...like running to walmart, or stopping into the town bank and post office.


thanks for the awesome blog! I couldn't have conveyed this episode better myself. This season is so ANNOYING! I just watched today's episode and WTF... blayne and stella are still on the show.. why why why.. and also I don't particularly care for Korto? either - she has an overall b*tchy attitude!!!


I am so behind!

I am rooting for Terri, too. Her stuff has been consistently good. Although, I liked Kenley's dress for this challenge (even though I could never wear it). Or maybe I just think Kenley is super adorable. I get confused sometimes with this show.

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