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August 05, 2008



your smiles in those pictures are terrifying.

But I kinda of totally want to hang out with Head Trauma Elise (in addition to all other Elises).


I am so sorry that I am laughing my ass off at your pool diving injury but you shouldn't have made the story so funny. Unless, of course, you are still concussed and you have no idea what you are writing. If that's the case then I am very, very, sorry you poor thing. Giggle.


I'd say something snarky like "it's people like you who keep lifeguards in business" but then I remember the time not three weeks ago where I tried to do a handstand in too-shallow water and fell and almost bit my tongue clear off.


ooohhhhnooooo! i hope that you're on the mend in no time.

those pics though? hilarious. i love a good visual.


OK, so I moved to (slightly) shallower water in order to provide for more thrust. You see, that way, you would already be completely out of the water before you leaped off of my shoulders. Therefore, I feel that it was not a problem of water depth, but more a problem of extreme launching power. You were simply too high in the air to expect to land safely in a normal household swimming pool. I apologize for my strength.



I want a picture of the bump.
Post Haste.


Those pictures are so fun. Poor girl.


Awww man! Ouchee! Sorry about the bump, that must hurt. LOL, Cody. Apologizing about his strength. Such a man. So will you be wearing bangs to cover the bruise that is sure to last awhile, morphing from red and black to purple to yellow greeen to brown?


OH NO, Elise! Not fun! I love the pictures though--very informative. I hope your head is feeling better and the bruise isn't too big. I blame Cody for the whole thing. And yes, I agree about life.


I'm really impressed with your MS Paint drawing skills.


lol at Cody's rebuttal. "I apologize for my strength."


I love the pictures. You have MS Paint skillz. I'm sure that being concussed sucks, but it sounds like it was fun for everyone around you!

blogging barbie

i fucking love you. and your mad drawing skillz. take some excedrin and know that BB is thinking of you. and will not choose to dive into shallow water at the hotel pool, while drunk in canadia this weekend at the wedding.

see? you were totes just acting in a "tale of caution" for me.



Apparently it IS funny when someone documents their personal trauma in Microsoft Paint! AWESOME!


Ouch! Hope you're feeling back up to snuff now.

By the way, I'd love to eat some imaginary head injury nachos with you some time.

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