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July 14, 2008


Nothing But Bonfires

Oooh, so now I really need to know which yoga DVDs you bought and whether you recommend them. I think you've about convinced me to take it up at home -- I too loved it the few times I did it, but the thought of going to a class now TOTALLY OUT OF PRACTICE seems a little humiliating. I think I need to...uh...REHEARSE first.

(PS: I also hate running. HATE. I think I can do it for about five minutes at a time, and it's not that I'm out of shape -- I can do the elliptical or the bike for 30 or so -- it's just that I get so BORED of running. Ugh. Hate.)


Hahaha, exorcising demons? Oh wow. Were the police called to remove him from the premises? Man oh man. That made me laugh out loud, literally.

I'm just starting to get into yoga. I enjoy it, too!

Caustic Cupcake

Okay, wait.

Back the crow train up.

How do you get from, say, sitting on the floor like a normal human being, to doing that... thing? Or does someone have to put you in that position?


even with the title I had no clue where you were going.

I'm interested in yoga or some sort of low impact exercise because like you I hate running, and I'll do an eliptical if I absolutely have to...but yes, I think an inventory of what I need to do to feel healthy is in order.

Also thinking about cancelling my $60/month gym membership.


While I have obviously conquered my running-love threshold and I also love gym spinning and weights classes, I agree. Yoga rocks. And nothing tones your upper body faster!

This was a hilarious and awesome post, by the way. Like yoga, you rock.


First of all...I hate you. You are beautiful, hilarious, self-employed, and now you can do the "crow." Yep, I hate you.

In any case, I dislike the gym and runners too. The gym is always crowded and when I am there, I am just looking at the clock waiting for an hour to drag on by.

With running, I just get tried really fast and start huffing and puffing like I was a 2 pack-a-day smoker, when I am smoke-free. There is no "threshold," and besides I drive myself crazy with all that time to think.

My only natural ability is golf, but golf is not really exercise. That is why I keep saving my pennies for my future lipo or the stomach stappling thingy.


I totally feel your pain with regard to gyms. I'm the same way. Running? Hate. Swimmng? Love. Walking (outside)? Eh. So-so. Treadmill? Boring.

What I did as a kid from age 4 to 13 was tap dance and I loved it and was in great shape. In my early 20s I went back to adult tap and had fun with that as well for a couple years. But since then I have pretty much been devoid of all activity, and it is showing. I need to find something I can do, too, that I actually enjoy and don't feel as if I am forcing myself to do it.


Ohhhh, how I miss Bikram yoga. Alas, I cannot afford studio classes anymore. But man, I loved it. I need to start doing my DVDs again.


That crow? Looks incredibly SERIOUS. I am your exercise opposite - I've always liked the machines, and running, but would love to try yoga. However it is very...how do you say...fricken intimidating!!! I feel like I should get in a few practice runs in the privacy of my own home where no one can smirk condescendingly when I cannot do the broken lotus pose. Or whatever.


I have been Yoga-ing for a few years now and I still can't do the crow.



So far today, you have inspired me to:
a) watch Project Runway and
b) take up yoga.

And it's only 8:02 on Saturday morning!


Ugh, I bought a couple yoga DVDs but have actually only done it ONCE. One of the problems is I can only do it in the living room and another is I am NEVER alone and am too self-conscious to do it in front of anyone. I can hardly imagine how hard the boys would laugh at Mom doing yoga. But I really want to get into a habit of doing it. I must figure out a way. Yep.

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