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July 17, 2008



so many great things here, the torch has been passed and light and carried on to victory!

Blayne sounds delicious - can't wait til I see this episode!

Gristedes - ew!

"Stella, those leggings would make Mary-Kate Olsen's behind look awful. Fail." HEEEE!!!

"Stella melts into an Aging Rocker Puddle" I can't wait to meet Stella! She sounds like exactly what this show needs.

Sorry you don't like Austin Scarlett? He's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. But he probably is a douche. A douche I want to give me makeup tips.

From the pictures, I'm in love with Daniel. Because melting cups! How hipster!


oh, I meant to end that comment cleverly like... "now I'm off to work on the curves I never knew about." Sheesh. Next time.


oh one more thing... Jerry's model looks like a DUDE.

That is all.


uhm - let me just say I am SOOOOOOOOO glad you're doing Project Runway recaps. This just means I don't have to go to some other blah blog, and subscribe to it to get snide remarks and other jewels about the show. I can just come here! Hooray! I'm excited.

I had JUST finished watching the recorded show when I saw you had posted - that must have taken you hours to write, girl. Lol.

I'm happy you're writing...but extremely frustrated that they're moving it to LIFETIME. WHAT? Who's dumb idea was that? And...how'd you find out? That is going to...well...suck.

Keep up the good work.

By the way, my husband reads your blogs now...because he thinks you're that clever/funny. Awesome? Yes. He only subscribes to like 6 blogs. Lol.


Great recap! I don't have cable so these are fun to read and, yes, I made it to the end. It was quite entertaining.

My favs are the Daniel, the Korto, and the Kelli. I'm undecided as to which I like best: Daniel's or Kelli's. Both are very cool and creative. I also like Korto's. It has a Japanese flair to it, sortof kimono-ish. The salad neckline shows "great taste" LOL.

As for the curves on Blayne's model, umm, I wish? Geez. This is why designers make me sick and want to punch them. They think anything straying from a matchstick figure is fat or too curvy. Puhlease. I'd hate to hear what they'd say about me. Most likely I'd end up running away in tears & find myself in therapy for the next year.


Excellent recapping! I'm so excited to see the season unfold. I, too, have a crush on Kelli. Maybe we could invite her to happy hour?

I am here as a rep of NYC (for the next 14 days!) to tell you that Gristede's is just a regular grocery store. Except by "regular grocery store" I mean, "stupid, tiny, overpriced, poor selection New York City grocery store."


SO glad I'm not the only one to feel that Austin is a douchehole and that Stella really need to consider pants.


Antoinette - let me save you the time and effort of finding Mr. Scarlett and do his makeup tips for you: LOTS AND LOTS OF FOUNDATION. Think you've got enough? Slather a little more on...there. No, add more.


Claire - thanks! And now that I know you're a ProRun fan, I expect to get your snarky, funny commentary every week - what did you think about Blayne? Scary? Terrifyingly scary? Is that just me?

Chiada - yes, Blayne might benefit from a good punch to the face. I mean, I don't think he'd ACT any differently, but it might help with his googly-eye sitch. Also, re: the models without curves, when Keith told Heidi that he designs with her in mind, I was like, GEE, THANKS KEITH, FOR TOTALLY IGNORING THE OTHER 99.9% OF WOMEN. WHO DON'T LOOK LIKE A SUPERMODEL. Punch!


Laurel - Yes, please let's invite Kelli to happy hour. I kind of want a whole sleeve of tattoos now, just for Kelli. Even though I don't even have ONE tattoo, currently. Is this going too far? I think not. Also, thanks for shining light on the mystery that is the Gristley Tiddy. I didn't know if it was something specialty or just a normal little grocery.

VBG - it may be just you and me, honey, who think that about Mr. Scarlett. He seems to have quite the fan following around Project Runway parts. Why?? I'm glad we have each other :)

Teacher A

I'm not really one to watch this sort of show, but I do think the yellow dress does have very cool lines underneath the ridiculous vegetative collar.


Unfortunately, Elise, I am not nearly as snarky as you. I don't have the magical ability to make everything sarcastic and humorous. For those traits...talk to Robyn Squyres. She's the queen of Snark (or maybe the princess, second only to you). It's a close call though...I think she might be slightly more cynical.

Blayne....was horrific from the get-go. Maybe he just looked WAY OVER TANNED on my monitor...but geez. He annoyed me the first time I saw him.

I'm terrible...but I pretty much judged everyone at face value...what they looked like and how they dressed. And from doing so, my potential favorites are: Kelli, Kenley, and Leanne. I want to like Jennifer...but she is just...SO shy and awkward, poor girl. And Wesley and Daniel for the guys.

I felt like the beginning of the show was a spoiler in a sense. You almost knew Jerry was going to go home from the get-go. Or maybe that's just hindsight. Whatever. He kept talking about how he was on the cusp of being...whatever...some high-end, well-known fashion designer. He just wanted to use this to advertise. Poo on him.

I definitely let out a loud "Uggggh" when Austin Scarlett appeared. I'll do it again...UGGGGH.

Since you know everything about Bravo, do you know if they're gonna air top design again? I hope they do - HGTV's Design Star has been a major disappointment this year (especially since they cut the season in half, episode wise).

Kim Edwards

Umm, you have obviously never had to hide from anyone. I...did...NOT...appreciate that. And let me just say that Terri apparently didn't run away fast enough at some point. Her face is just, just awful. Can't wait for Lifetime ProRun. It is going to have so much more estrogen in it.


antoinette is right. jerry's model? TRAN-NY.


Kim - ooh, sorry...this is awkward, huh?

heather - I had forgotten to click and examine more closely but upon that second inspection - I'd have to say YES. Also, that picture of Jerry's dress is VERY forgiving. In real life it had this really huge boxers hood thing and also a tail, of sorts, coming off the back...FAIL!


Oh, and Claire! Check your email!


Funny thing about the PR recaps...it seems like a long thing when writing but the reading just zips along. What else are you supposed to do, right? Too many delicious details. I am either going to love or hate Stella. But as you know, I am already in major hate with both Suede and Blayne. Which is all part of the fun.


Over at DavidDust, Blayne will now be referred to as "Tango".

CLICK HERE to find out why, and to confirm that he IS indeed a googly-eyed Muppet.



Hi and welcome to the wonderful world of recapping PR! Thanks for your comment on mine!

Austin is so not a douche. He's a sensitive young southern lady. :)

I'm a huge Top Chef fan too - recapped that one on my food blog.


what did tim gunn say to the designers in the preview of week 2...he looked very irritated.


I enjoyed your recap as much as I enjoyed the show last week. I desperately wanted Blayne to go home, but now I hope he sticks around longer so I can read what you have to say about him!


first off, i'd like to say that this is going to be a great season. BUT some contestants are stuck up, like that asian guy. "they are putting on trash, the same stuff i throw away" HOW RUDE!! and blayne does have those googley eyes, "i will dominate!" AUSTIN SAID THAT THE BUNNY WRESTLER GIRLICIOUS DRESS WAS HIDIOUS. okay, im done.


You are the perfect person to carry on the ProRun torch! This was a great re-cap. And dude, I LOVE Kelli. And she is from MY TOWN!!! I am going to her boutique ASAP, even though probably nothing in there would fit on even one of my legs. I'll look forward to tomorrow's re-cap!!


You are the perfect person to carry on the ProRun torch! This was a great re-cap. And dude, I LOVE Kelli. And she is from MY TOWN!!! I am going to her boutique ASAP, even though probably nothing in there would fit on even one of my legs. I'll look forward to tomorrow's re-cap!!

Operation Pink Herring

This was the first time I've ever seen PR, and I LOVED IT. Almost as much as I loved this recap.

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