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July 11, 2008



I am having four black bean and cheese taquitos as I read this. Since I started on them before your command to indulge fours, I'm not going to count them toward my slide to immoderation. I will have four of something tomorrow and will let you know. But, being that it's Saturday, it may just be four extra minutes of sleep.


Look you, you professional business-owner, you! I am always totally blown away when I remember that you OWN YOUR OWN FREAKING BUSINESS. Seriously. I am deep awe.

Happy shopiversary!


Speaking of July, did you know that you were on some guy's list of blog babes this month? Very weird...though kinda flattering. I think the site was bangableblogbabes.blogspot, or something like that. I don't know how to do that whole link thing, otherwise I would have given it to you.


Hey, thankyou. I love to eat things in 4s....I shall go and find things and eat them and come back to tell you, unless I am feeling nauseaus an grumpy. I answered your request for Sophie news ( were you being sarcastic by the way??) You asked for it, by Golly you got it!


Aww, congrats! Last night I had 6 drinks for you! And I would totally come shop at your store if I wasn't in NJ.

blogging barbie

HAPPPY ANNIVERSARY my love!!!!! you know, if i was in tejas, i'd totes buy something from your boutique. well, technically mi madre would have to pay for it, because no moolah here, but i'm sure she totes would get me something, and prolly something for herself.

aaaand i'm rambling. point being: SO PROUD OF YOU LOVIE!!!!!! xoxoxo.


Congratulations! I'm reading this a little late, but I'm still going to try to do four of something for you tomorrow. I'm going to try for four naps. I need them.

Also, you just made me crave a popsicle.


Congratulations on four years, lovey! I'll have four bowls of muesli just for you! xoxo


congratulations! on the store, not on being talked about offensively by some creep. i looked at his blog and it skeeved me out BIG TIME. gross.


I adore shopping in hot weather. Perhaps I should make a trip down to Boutique Elise?

Julie Bo



Congrats! I had four beers on Saturday and 4 shots before I even knew that it was your anniversary (but instead to head off my depression for today on the anniversary... of my birth!)

Did I mention how flippin' cool it is that you own your own store? And if you ever wanted to send me anything so I could advertise the heck out of your store, well that would be mutually beneficial, I think.


Okay so I am 2 whole days late but HAPPY anniversary....

I had 4 martinis is Soho on Saturday... so does that count??? I think so.

Also- That picture... little scary.

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