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June 02, 2008



I get you, Babe.

Unfortunately for me, I totally understand. No one can figure out why EVERYTHING needs to be just so. It took me years to entertain because my house wasn't the way I thought it should be.

I hyperventilate if someone stops by unannounced.

Now that I'm older with children, I'm much more resigned to go with the flow but it still isn't easy.

Good for you to channel it into something productive. I've let it hold me back.


It's strange to watch OCD rear its ugly head in the strangest places.

You were totally right of course, the trampoline was in the wrong place. It should have been in my backyard the whole time.


I ran away when my dad cut down our front tree (because it was old and diseased...WHATEVER it was a living breathing tree!). They also didn't care.

"brainlessly jumping around" heee.


I understand. I couldn't have friends sleep over when I was in elementary school, because I would get upset when their sleeping bags weren't just so. I've gotten better at controlling it now, but this need to have everything 'perfect' never really goes away, does it? It's hard to accept that there are some things we can't control, no matter how hard we try.


That story is adorable. Clearly, I exhibit a lot of the same traits! Although, I have found as I have gotten older, that I can channel my need to control into things that I CAN control (for example, the order that my toiletries sit on the toilet tank each morning), and let other people's decisions go a bit more.

It's an ongoing process.


I am like that about furniture placement in my own house. It is scary. H has faced my wrath for reorganizing the furniture in the guest room when I wasn't home. He has not made that mistake again.


It's great you are able to use that ability to channel it into your business. I wish I had that kind of obsession, in that way anyway.

My obsession isn't so much about placement of objects or other specific things but I am rather obsessive with being right. If someone says something that I know is incorrect I find it very hard to bite my tongue and not correct them. ANd I have to go Google it and prove I'm right even if I don't tell them, just for my own satisfaction!

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