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June 03, 2008



Oh my god, that was the hardest I've laughed in a week. Thank you.


oh my god, how did you figure out the KITTERS question??? You so smart.


Oh random google searchers. You are SO special.

Also, Lindsay Lohan? Totally just going through a phase.


I can't even imagine what's going through some people's heads when they type out Google searches. To this day I get more hits for adult diapers than any other search. WHY?!

As for the spiders, I say keep them in the past. I don't need them in the present OR the future.


Alexa - Not sure what kind of week YOU had, but thanks!

Antoinette - Ha! The trick is, I DIDN'T figure out the Kitters question! In fact, once I started thinking about all the girls, and their 7 backpacks and 7 cats and all the cats' various crap, I got super confused and had to hurriedly finish making fun of that search phrase. Can ANYONE solve this riddle? I think not.

Laurel - Thank you. I think by next year she will A) be back in rehab B) have a baby C) be working on a cruise ship or D) all of the above. A rehab cruise!

NPW - I had a sneaking suspicion you would feel that way :) NOW GET OUT OF YOUR INFESTED OFFICE!


oh boy. I've to fix my makeup now. I laughed so hard I teared up.


Oh no, now, although I try to avoid it like the plague I feel compelled to go and check my google thingamejigger, I have this new toy on my blog that lets me know where people are from etc, the world can see it and it will say Little town in America came via google...poo bum willy pants...and then that person can see that they just showed the world they got to my blog via their stupif google search! Off to cringe and laugh at my own google searchers again, thankyou so much!


Penguins eat ketchup? Who knew!

I miss my Google-age searches. :-( Stupid stat counter of doom.

Operation Pink Herring

I think that the fifty exclamation points on that one search really let google know that she was desperate!!!!!!!

blogging barbie

omg. those are some seriously priceless google searches.


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It's been a while since I laughed like that. I actually woke up the baby, but it was SO worth it. I can't believe these weirdos!

(Confession: I kind of think I have nice toes, too.)


Pssssssttttttttt!!! Google Helen is a Nana, see if you get to my blog and see my grandson, why yes! I think you will!!!


Pssh! I can totally see the importance of fixing ugly toes if possible, but as one with rather cute toes and feet, I scoff! Love the post, first thing to make me laugh today!


Your search terms are hilarious as are your replies! I do notice, however, that ugly toes does get a lot of searching. I once mentioned my toes being ugly on one of my earlier posts and got tons of searches as a result! It seems to be an all-encompassing problem out there in Googleland.

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