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May 16, 2008



You go with your cookie dough! I'm glad you feel good about your decision; now, enjoy the beach!


I am amazed you are able to mention being on the beach (showing lots of skin I presume) and eating cookie dough in the same post....ah to be young and beautiful!

Enjoy your worry-free vacation!


Oh, one more thing...what did you end up doing with Cody?


Mmm...cookie dough. Cookie dough and beach in the same sentence? If it were me, the sun would bake that dough right in my belly and I'd look like I'd eaten a basketball.

I'm so glad you feel good about your decision. I'm sure Lydah does as well.


Cookie dough is awesome. Screw you, Salmonella!

Glad that you're happy about your decision and hope Lydah has a good time with the babysitter!


Soak up some sun and warmth for me as well - we have SNOW IN THE AIR! I saw some flakes this afternoon and they're predicitng more of the same cold, misearble weather for the next week!


oh good! glad you're safe and so is the pup!
Now have some fun on the beach!

Operation Pink Herring

I'm glad your decision was validated by the bumpy plane ride. Phew!



I am sad that she couldn't go but I am happy that you left her home. And just think of all the puppy love you have waiting for you when you get back!!


what I want to know is, WHERE ARE YOU? I'm jealous and I don't even know!


Oh have a lovely relaxing time and soak up some sunshine. I love sunshine but the beach? I am too kind to put my undressed self on the beach, especially is there could be anyone with a harpoon, that could be risky.


Oh, I admire you. It's going to be so hard for me to leave Romo for more than one day!!!

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