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May 27, 2008



When I find a really good song, I listen to it to death, and then I never want to hear it again... for a while at least. Right now, it's Rihanna's "Please Don't Stop the Music."

I LOVE this song - it makes we want to dance non-stop. Until I start hating it.


Listen to the 1900s


Listen to the 1900s


death cab - narrow stairs (goes without saying!)
hayden - elk lake serenade
octoberman - run from safety
pete droge - under the waves
carney - nothing without you EP (you can thank me later)


I've pretty much had Swell Season / Once on a loop since the concert last week! So soothing.


One of my favorite songs right now is Sliding by Ellen McIlwaine. Along those same lines another song I'm really digging is Bread & Water by Ryan Bingham. You have to listen to these with the volume up. Rockin'! The first song is rather hard to find unless you buy it from iTunes, which I highly recommend, of course.


I'm back!!!!

Music. I just downloaded Jason mraz's new cd. it's pretty mellow, nice for sunny afternoons.


Hey Elise! Glad you like the Ellen McIlwaine song. Ok, here's another, if you like funny songs. This one cracks me up. Polka Dot Undies by Bowser & Blue.


You're right...May is weird. It was 45 degrees here last night -- WTF? Anyway, I know it's old school, but I am really into Third Eye Blind. You should try their Out of the Vein CD -- it's really good.


I'm always into music; I think I might be addicted. I can't stand myself when I have a song on repeat...but I can't help it, either!

Operation Pink Herring

May IS weird... especially since it's been cool and gloomy here. May is usually all HUMIDHUMIDHOTHOT, so I'm not complaining. It's just... weird.

I only listen to my Moulin Rouge and HSM soundtrack, so I have no music recommendations.

Lastly, HI SOPHIE!

Jessica Williams

Thanks, good luck to you too. I think we might have been separated at birth, if not for that whole blond, beautiful, and fashionable thing! LOL. You should shoot me an e-mail and we will be virtual friends. Then we can talk horribly about people in an totally objective way of course. :-)


these are two of will johnson's projects. everything this man touches turns to GOLD, i tell you. they're about to issue a split in the next month or so, and it should be wonderful.

have you heard colour revolt yet? wonderful. their new album is fantastic but the ep was really awesome too. www.myspace.com/colourrevolt

you've probably heard the new frontiers by now, but they recently posted a cover of "look at miss ohio" by gillian welch and it kicks so. much. ass. www.myspace.com/thenewfrontiers

also, the fleet foxes, yes? they are blowing up right now, and rightly so. lead vocals sound so much like jim james.
www.myspace.com/fleet foxes

speaking of jim james, the new my morning jacket kills. the single is the first song on www.myspace.com/mymorningjacket

i love atmosphere as much as i love any musical artist (i think) despite that i never really loved hip hop... especailly for its lyrics. not only is slug one of my dibs, but he puts on one of the best live shows i have ever see (seriously). his new album is profound and catchy, although all of his old stuff is really good too. might not be your cup of tea, but if it is you will thank me.

a good friend puts out music under the name one wolf and just released a record. it is melancholy and beautiful. www.myspace.com/onewolfsongs

let me know if you want more!


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