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May 08, 2008



What about the nice friend who was stuck on the roof of the opposite building, waiting on you to get your car, and kinda needing to go to the bathroom?

Book suggestion: The Sparrow, by Mary Doria Russel.


Of course, but then you would have been B) the unhappy friend who spent at least 4 hours carting me around that night and the next morning. Plus, you were late for a phone date with the Hawk :)

Caustic Cupcake

I just finished The Abstinence Teacher by Tom Perrotta. Reading the plot summary, I thought, "Well, that sounds boring. Why would anyone write a book about this?" And it turned out to be amazing.

If I had been in that parking garage, there would have been tears.


Oh, how I wish I was the kind of person who got angry instead of teary in the face of frustration. I'm totally jealous. If it were ME who was stranded on a rooftop parking lot in LA, I'd probably still be there, right now, days later; dirty and crying, crouched in the fetal position in a corner of the lot.

ANYHOO. Book suggestions:

Light and funny reading: David Sedaris Me Talk Pretty One Day is my all-time favorite humorous book. Humorous, lovely, well written...I want David Sedaris to be my BFF. If you haven't read it, do it. If you have, I love you even more than I already do.

Deeper, depressing, but not in a "I'm a horrible person" sort of way: Wall Lamb's She's Come Undone; My all-time favorite serious boo. The way he writes from a woman's point of view is incredible.

Runner Up: White Oleander by Janet Fitch. If you've seen the movie, please don't judge the book. The book is a MILLION times better.

And yes, I realize these are both Oprah books, but I'd like to state for the record that I read them BEFORE they were in her book club.

Songs: Justin Nozuka "After Tonight" and "We Were Supposed to Grow Old." Missy Higgins "Ten Days" and "Where I stood." These are two of my current favorites because I love depressing love songs (After tonight isn't depressing, but the rest of them are.) Lupe Fiasco "Daydreaming," "Go Baby." "Go Baby" is AWESOME for working out, and "Daydreaming" is just a really great effing song. Lupe is quickly becoming my favorite rapper, because there's something totally loveable, yet still badass about him.

Okay, I'm done now. Seeing as I just basically wrote a whole post in your comment section.


I am furious on your behalf. Seriously, just reading your story I knew that the attendant just couldn't give two bits about how you were to get your keys. Ooooohhhhh, don't get me started.

As for books, my "to be read pile" is ginormous. But as for things I've read and recommend:

Year of the Plague (death and depression but no Darfur inducing guilt).

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan-- Lisa See

Me Talk Pretty One Day -- I agree with Anna here. This is one funny, laugh out loud book.

Seraph on the Suwannee -- little known Zora Neale Hurston book but one of her best (and my favorite).

Dangerous Liasions -- Choderlos de Laclos

My latest music addiction is Paolo Nutini. Check him out on YouTube.


this is so frustrating!! ugh i would have been soo stressed out.

i've been enjoying Adele (music suggestion)

Have you read the Emily Giffin books (book suggestion)


For the ninety-seven thousandth time, THANK GOD I have no car. I would have punched someone in your position.

I recently read The Other Boleyn Girl--better than your average chick lit, fluffier than literary fiction. Highly recommend.


Are you on GoodReads? That's the best for finding book suggestions. I just read Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake and I loved it.


I once drove a friend around a garage for an hour looking for her car before she realized she was in the wrong garage and had actually parked in the garage across the street.

You should read There's a (slight) chance I'm going to hell. You sound like the author.


First time commenter but I LOVE getting book suggestions so I thought I'd see who was recommending what. For my contribution I am just now finishing Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum. It is fantastic.

Wickedly Scarlett

Good grief! What a nightmare! I'm really glad you eventually tracked down your keys...

As for book suggestions, I really enjoyed The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (Mark Haddon), The Last Town on Earth (Thomas Mullen), and if you just want complete mind candy with a little more heart than most chick lit I LOVE Marian Keyes!


i'm slightly tipsy. but "lately" by charity daw is um kinda amazing and my life right now. go check it out. trust. because we share the same music love. truuust. love youuuuu.xoxo

go here:

enjoy. trust. oh, "spared" is really good, too. xoxo


Driving in L.A is just the most horrible thing ever anyway. I drove through Hollywood in December and am still trying to get over it!
No books to suggest but here's a great song, an in the car with windows down and played very loud song.


i'm stealing all these book suggestions and then I'm going to bring the books down to texas and sit on your back porch and we'll read them and drink lemonade and read our favorite parts aloud. Okay?

Daydreamin is probably my favorite song of the moment by Lupe. But I'm feeling musically uninspired since you ask me who my all time favorite band was. I STILL DONT HAVE ONE.


I am absolutely loving these suggestions. Music and books both. I already feel more fulfilled in life ;)

Ooh, and I REALLY love that all of you guys seem to love Sedaris as much as I do! I mean, we are like a little niche community over here! This is the sort of thing that makes me LOVE blogging. Y'all are awesome.


Poor you! Good on you for persevering and finally getting your keys back! A somewhat (but not really) related story - a friend of mine once reported her car stolen, however, the police investigation revealed that the car was not stolen. She simply forgot where she had parked. Woo!

Book recommendation: The Bloody Chamber, by Angela Carter. Modern, gory, delicious fairy tales. Love.

Operation Pink Herring

That is a truly terrible story. I thought it was going to turn out that you'd been swindled and your car had been stolen, because I've never heard of leaving your keys with the attendant! Really? They do that out there?

I was stranded in a parking garage one time, we couldn't find anyone to open the gate and it was about 3am. I had to pee so badly and we were all (except the DD!) really drunk and tired. After being stuck in a little mall attached to the parking garage for over an hour, AFTER I PEED IN A MALL PLANT, we realized there was a button next to the gate that you just had to push to get the damned thing to open. Gah. I hate parking garages.


hello! sorry it take me for-freaking-ever to get back over here and comment!

sucks about your car! a similar thing happened to me once with a whole parking garage/attendent thing- the guy left, and my roommate and i were STUCK in the garage because the gate was closed! oof.

music? well, you like radiohead and so do i, so im thinking we may have some similar tastes. i love love josh radin. also, cary brothers, imogen heap, maria mena, ingrid michaelson, ryan adams, frou frou (same as imogen), aaaaand, timmy curran. there's a few for ya!


Oh wow that sucks. Remind me never to do that. I'm glad I live in the country. :)


I swear your parking lot story is a West Coast thing. The exact same thing happened to me in Portland when I lived there in 2006. I parked my car in front of another car in the gnarly parking garage under my building in which people park in rows of three or four cars just to cram more in there. I gave the attendant my keys, walked out of the office at 6 p.m. and promptly realized I was stuck with no attendant and thus no keys. I had to coerce a friend to drive me to downtown Portland during rush hour (which, OK, fine, it's not as bad as L.A. at ANY hour) to find Mystery Parking Garage on 5th Avenue where the orphaned keys are supposedly taken at the end of every business day and then go back to the parking garage at MY office building where I finally, FINALLY got into my car and drove home. Lesson learned? Give parking lot attendants your valet key (if your car came with a valet key) and keep your real key with you. It is not to be given up on your life no ma'am.

Have you read "Running With Scissors"? Or anything by Augusten Burroughs? You might like.

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