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April 25, 2008


blogging barbie

three things:

1. i voted.

2. I HAVE TO FALL ASLEEP TO MUSIC TOOOO!!! My hubby will just have to get used to that.

3. B also feels the need to walk around the bed, tramping on all your limbs, including your head, then licking your face to death, then finally "talking" to you telling you he needs to go out. As in "rowwwwwroroooooo roooooo rowwwwr." The dog seriously tries to talk. Not bark. Talk. The dog? thinks. he's. human.


I cannot decide how to vote! I am torn.

I have to get up earlier than my husband, so he usually goes to be later than me. But when he comes in, he wakes me up and wants to talk. Which defeats the purpose of me going to be early! Why can't he be quiet?!


I voted that it shouldn't count but that is not my entire thought. I think that, yes, Cody did get up to let her out, but I think he should be penalized an extra time because HE DIDN'T LET HER BACK IN. Therefore, he's back at 7 times to let her in and the result is the same as though it didn't count at all.


Count it. As your friend I am saying that if the dog did run away it may not be a bad thing.

Operation Pink Herring

I sympathize with Cody. Everynight I vow to go to bed at a reasonable hour so I won't be so damn tired all day; every night I stay up until 1am because going to bed is no fun! And then, like -R-'s husband, I try to talk to Joel even though he's already asleep. Because I am awesome like that. I can't help it. I have things! To tell him! Before I forget about the funny/sad/interesting commercial I saw on TV!

Dude, he tried. I'd count it. I like RA's solution. Count it, but add a penalty too!


I voted! I think. I hope it works.

It breaks my heart that anyone should have to wake up at 3am to let a dog out... so to save both of your sanity (and my worrisome ways..all the way up north here) I say get a fence. For my sake, if not for your own.


Can't you change the time you feed Lydah and why not get a fence? (I voted for the fence.)
Generally, dogs can hold it for 8 hours or even longer if they set their mind to it. Ours can, especially if it's really bad-*ss cold - and if I'm at home alone with them. I don't hear their panting and whining at night, so they give up after a while... Richards wakes up at the drop of a pin, so he's an easy mark for them - but I'm sure the nightly need for a piddle is equal parts seeking attention and just because they CAN get someone to get up.


I sympathize with the trying to go to bed earlier thing. I am the nightowl in the family and can easily stay up till 1 a.m. I have to watch The Daily Show and Colbert Report and then often read or read blogs till 1 a.m. And hate to get up.

I voted for it not having counted, but I do agree you should get a fence, for the sake of Lydah. We fenced in our yard when we got Diva and she loves having the freedom to run in yard (our previous dog we had to walk or use the long extendo-leash for those emergency pee runs). Plus of course if you do let her out you don't have to worry about her running off and being lost, or hit by a car, which is the biggest concern.

Our dog can hold it forever at night. She's good for 12 hours!


Oh my. I did not know that my early morning bathroom wake-up calls were happening in other families as well. Although my early mornings are not as early as yours--Dingo wakes me up at 6:30. Mr. Dingo sleeps through it all. And like Cody, I can ask him to walk her so that I can sleep in and even when he agrees, he falls back asleep.

But even though I voted that Cody still owes you seven times. This is just until you can get a fence and then a doggie door so she can let herself out.

Claire Patrick

Hahahaha. That story was priceless. As are fences. If we didn't have a fence, someone would be shot, or dead. Not sure if it'd be one of us humans or the dogs. Seriously. Fences are gifts from God.

I'm lucky to be like Cody and sleep through most anything. Chance always does the taking the dog out thing. He'd probably side with you.


Doggie door, fence and fed the dog earlier would get my vote, I get cross having to get up for my children, if a dog woke me up at 3am I would probably eat it.


I can TOTALLY empathize!! My hubby's the same way- stays up till all hours and can't understand why morning comes so quick or so brutally. But once he's asleep, he's out! We don't have a dog, yet, but we've agreed as soon as we get a house we can get the dog, and I SO see this scenerio becoming a regular thing for us pretty soon! Add in the baby, and my hope of sleep is pretty much screwed. I'll let you know if baby feedings go any easier than dog duty! Three more months and I'll find out!


Can I vote A and C? Also, we never ever get to bed at a reasonable hour. At this point, I'd be happy with a SEMI-reasonable hour but that doesn't happen either.

Kerri Anne

We are doing puppy potty-training, too. The horror, the HORROR.

(My husband) Chris can't sleep without the sound of a fan, and it used to drive me NUTS, but now I actually prefer it. I also prefer It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. To, well, most every other show.


Totally doesn't count.

AS loves to fall asleep to the television and I HATE it. You give me hope that there will be compromise in our future.


Hah, I voted many times. So much for the integrity of your precious poll. I have soiled it, and I will continue to soil it....and I will continue to let the dog out for hours each night. She is young and she needs her freedom from your OCD clutches. Me and the young dog refer to this time as "Lydah Time". Say those words to her and see if her eyes don't sparkle with anticipation.


Two things:

1) Get a fence. Tell Cody if he doesn't wish to complete his seven times, he should go to the Home Depot, buy some fence stuff, recruit guy friends for fence putting-up day, and build a fence. Tell him you will keep Little Caesar's on speed dial and will deliver cold beers to their manly hands if they will only put up a fence.

2) Get a dog door. For the freaking love.


Curse you! I thought I was ready to go today but now I just feel so...so...tired! I think you guys definitely need a shake down on restructuring. And a chain for the dog? We are the worlds biggest idiots when it comes to training animals, but we have managed to train our dog to go "CHAIN" with a pocket full of treats and when he comes back in he sits for his reward for what? Pooping and Peeing and coming through a door. Where are my awards, I wonder.


You just reminded me how much I love It's Always Sunny. Must rewatch seasons 1-3 immediately.


I voted for Absolutely not!
And then after I clicked yes I saw the last one.

You totally need a fence!


what is the results of the vote! I'm dying over here! I hope it's not a hung jury!

(also I tagged you. I think you may have done it already but whatever appease me!)

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