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April 03, 2008



Amen to the camping. Although I like backpacking. There is movement and exercise and you see scenic things.

When you camp, all you do is sit. And the only things you see are other campers. Also sitting.


heeeehhaaaaa! you crack me up lady!

the toilet paper is me in the avenue of having a toilet paper comfort zone. My zone is also three!! Even though we buy ours at Costco so I don't have to calculate and recalibrate my freakouts so often.

But, I have a confession. I camp! And I like it! Maybe I should quit life and live outside! Do you still love me?

Operation Pink Herring

They make kitty prozac, so I'm sure they make doggie prozac too. If not, Lydah can share Max's prescription. They're probably about the same size, anyway.


A couple of things:

1. When our dog Chloe had her hysterectomy, she came home all groggy. She slept in the bed with us, as she normally did, and the next morning she woke up and started heaving. I knew she was gonna throw up, so I screamed and we scrambled to get her off the bed before she threw up. Thankfully we made it off the bed, but not by far. She ended up puking (as a side effect to the anesthesia) twice on our living room floor. Thank goodness is was Pergo/wood so it cleaned up easily. Poor girl.

2. I have been an avid camper my whole life. When I camp I sometimes sit around reading a book, relaxing, getting a suntan, and listening to the creek or ocean. Other times I use the campsite as a base from which to go hiking, exploring, rock-hopping, fishing, etc.

Regarding stale warm canteen water: Hub-E and I found these huge 14 gallon containers from K-Mart that we put filtered drinking water in. We took two of them in the truck and, since it got very cold at night, the water stayed nice and refreshingly cool. Plus I didn't have to worry about getting gerardia or amoebas from the creek water.

The best experience I ever had camping? Last Fall in the Sierra's where my friend's dad rigged up an outdoor shower. Being handy, he brought along some pieces of plywood about 3 feet square to lay on the dirt as the floor of the shower. Then he rigged up a couple of tarps with bungee cords and hung them between 3 pine trees to make the walls of the shower. All we had to do was boil a pot of water over the camp's firepit and then add it to a bucket that was half full of cold creek water. This created warm to hot water to shower with. They bought a shower hose thingy that is battery operated that pumps the water from the bucket up through the sprayer. Standing out there, stark naked behind the tarp, in the cool evening air of the high Sierra mountains, showering with warm water, was pure bliss. I'm telling you.

And then I got to go to bed clean every night after sipping whiskey and visiting with friends around the campfire.

And you don't like camping because...?



Why is it that the SECOND our sibling wants something, we suddenly want it ourselves??? Hilarious!


Hoover - glad I got SOME anti-camping love around here

Tiff - we've spoken about our differences, and I think we can both agree that they only serve to make our love even stronger. That being said, chocolate gummy bears? Really?

OPH - ZING! Double zing! Get it? Get it, everyone? Max is a super fat cat and Lydah is an anorexic little runt. Wicked burns all around!

Chiada - I'd like to formally invite you to come camping with me, in Tyler State Park, this August. THEN WE'LL SEE WHO LOVES CAMPING AND WHO HATES IT WITH THE HEAT OF A THOUSAND FIERY SUNS

Laurel - when Cody read this post he said that was his favorite part because he knew I would want the tent for myself as soon as my brother expressed any interest :) I think this is so deeply ingrained that it's inescapable. Yeah. That's my excuse, anyway


I hear you on the camping thing. I used to go on campouts with the Girl Scouts when I was a kid and even then I couldn't wait for a nice hot shower when I got back after only two nights. Let alone having to go to the "latrine" in the middle of the night in the woods.

I don't even like staying in B&Bs that have the bathroom down the hall!

Good luck, hope Lydah comes through her operation with flying colors. Just be careful she doesn't try to chew out any stitches she comes home with!


Yea that post was totally random.
They past couple of weeks, I have been practically giving things away... so I wouldn't mind letting your brother have the tent.

Although, I would NEVER own a tent because I pretty much hate wildlfie, unless its in a zoo.



Camping is only fun when you know you have a nice warm bed to come home to. Otherwise you're just a hobo.

I love the 3-roll comfort zone.


I just stumbled across your blog and I love it. I was reading parts of it to my friends, but they made me stop (they don't like strangers blogs).

I also like camping, but I hope it's okay that I like your blog and camping. I wouldn't have told you about the camping, but it seemed necessary for some odd reason. And I won't give up living in the real world and just go camp because I also like cute shoes and purses. Those don't go well with camping or with no money. You gotta have some balance I guess.


How is Lydah feeling now?

New Duck

I totally hear you on the toilet paper thing. I have about twenty rolls in my house at all times, plus an emergency roll of really scratchy stuff that I'm never tempted to use just because I'm too lazy to go to the store. I also have an obsession with Noxzema, but that's a different story.

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