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March 31, 2008



I've been to a Nets game before, but it didn't really grab me until the announcer yelled "Jason Kidd!" That was always fun.

blogging barbie

you are too. freaking. cute.


yep, you're my long lost BFF. you rule.


The story about you getting floor seats is awesome! It's amazing what two cute girls with a little determination and a lot of charm can accomplish at a sporting event, isn't it?


I am one of those people who is anti-NBA because the players do not play hard and do not seem to care. But I do love college basketball, even though my brackets totally suck this year, despite having correctly picked the final four. Bob Knight, though? I am embarrassed that he was able to coach for so long despite his a-hole ways.


Girl...I, too, loved the old arena...and love the new one even more. I live for Mavs games...I throw on my jersey, some cute jeans, and heels and head to every game I can. Anytime you need a friend to go...I'd so be in. :)


I am such a HUGE Mavs fan!!
I started out a Knicks fan, but my best friend and I were heartbroken after they lost in 95, so we just randomly picked another team and we became Mavericks fans.



so did you win???

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