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March 06, 2008



I must say that ONE of the many crazy things that brought me together with one of my fabulous BFF's is when I was attending an evening out after my husbands 10 year class reunion. That night one of the other no good girls that attended High School with my husband had the audacity to say something rude about me right there behind my back (of course she was to gone to realize I could HEAR her). Needless to say it was BFF'S at first sight because my fabulous friend (who I had just really met that night)was quick to say "don't listen to what she says, besides she has on ugly underwear!" (The girl kept walking up and down the stairs w/o realizing she was displaying the ugly underwear for the bar to see!!) Whoever would have thought that evening the clouds would part and the sun would shine down on one of the best BFF's ever! I am SO glad that it did!! XOXO~


aww, I loved this.

people ask how I met my closest friends, and it always dissolves into giggles because I usually can't remember, or if I did it would be something so silly that no one would understand the leap. One of my good friends I loved immediately because she knew the name of my nail polish!

common dislike of personal hygiene, though, takes the cake. Showering is such a pain!


There is nothing like silly vandalism to bring friends together! My BFF-NYC and I bonded over a hostile work environment and crazy dating experiences. Even though we both have better jobs and committed boyfriends, now, we both miss those less stable days.

Operation Pink Herring

I missed the whole NL saga, and I just have to comment on that. HOLY SHIT. What assholes!

I love my BFFs because we can go through the Wendy's drive-through, eat our food in the parking lot, and then go through again for seconds. I love them because we can watch 8 Below and cry and not be ashamed. The only way I could love them more is if they lived in the same city as me!


Some years back I saw a wonderful sign in the yard of a house in Ostersund, Sweden. This was in the middle of a row of identical houses, (70's style, circa)with identical, well-manicured lawns, flowers standing at attention in identical planters or flowerbeds. A perfectly perfect picture - except for the one house in the middle of the row.... The owner had obviously not even brought in any topsoil for his smallish garden, so the weeds and bushes had sort of taken over - and in the middle of it all was erected a sign saying:
Nature Preserve
The Lord only knows how many sleepless nights this person must've caused his neighbors...

As for BFFs - one survived college with me, one had the same idiot for a boss and the third and I survived working in a non-profit organisation in our hometown...


My work BFF and I bonded over crazy coworkers. And my law school BFF and I bonded over crazy classmates. So pretty much, mutual amazement/disgust for crazy people has brought me to most of my BFFs.


Food, usually food has something to do with it. Most of my best best friends have been my best frieds since I was a naive teenager, we were all terribly proper and religious and wholsome,so of course we had to stick together because the fun people were sure to be seen as far away from us as possible. Thing is, the older we get the more irreverent we are, now we are total heathens and have more fun than those teenagers any old day.
I have such lovely times with my girlfriends these days and we really do always seem to include food.


What a fantastic night!! And we have some asshole neighbors too, if you'd like to bring some of that toilet paper over!

My closest friends are people I met in school through the years--man, I miss having that huge pool of peers to find friends in!


Well, there was this one time when I was living on my own and I was recently engaged to Hub-E. My best friend Maya was visiting me and somehow one of my bra's decided to show up for the party. I don't know if I was folding laundry or just hadn't picked up my clothes or what. But it was out. And it was one of the "armored" bras, totally padded. And it was huge. Not that I need padding. I'm already very busy as it is. Anyways, Maya and I are laughing about it and she picks it up and, while she is squatting down on the floor, she holds it over her knees and notes how big the cups are, that they fit over her knees. We're cracking up and then somehow I get ahold of the bra and I decide to use it as a slingshot. I pull back on one of the straps, aim, and release. The bra went flying across the room only to land on its cups, right side up, as if it were standing on its cups. We rolled on the floor in hysterics at the armored bra that could stand up on its own two cups. It was awesome. We still refer to the bra incident from time to time.


Two words: Community showers.


My college friends and I met building a Rose Parade Float. I am going to see one of them next weekend. Yay.

blogging barbie

i loved this post so much...although it made me miss all my girlfriends oh so terribly.

it sounds like you're truly blessed to have such good girlfriends, and in the crazy lives we lead, that means more than words and stories can convey :)


Unfortunantley, I have never TP'd. I'm a little ashamed of myself. I must take care of this soon.

Amy C.

Hey, it's me! And I wrote on my blog! And tagged you in a survey! Fun all around.


I love me some unexpected toilet paper.


I met one of my closest when she moved into our college townhouse after a particularly horrid housemate moved out. Loud & outgoing to my quiet & contented, she popped up to my room a night I had adamantly refused to go out until I had found a job. She jumped in my lap and wouldn't move til I promised to ditch the sweats in favor of the bars. And all this from a girl I had met only a wk before! Love her!

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