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March 31, 2008


Wickedly Scarlett

I've been trying to convince Colby that we should jump on board the Amazon grocery delivery system for months now! This has inspired me to try my luck with him again.


wow. We're the same person. Makeup from night before? Total timesaver.

Do those spray tans actually work? I'm the lightest shade possible (seriously - death pale) and am petrified about an upcoming vegas trip with my warm-weather friends.

Operation Pink Herring

Not wearing makeup at all saves even more time!


If I don't wash off my eye makeup, I am a complete raccoon, and there is no way to make that look cute.


You know when we were little and our parents taught us that life is about choices? Like, you can choose to stop hitting your sister right now or you can choose to go sit in time out. I think that was a good lesson for real life. And leftover makeup is TOTALLY fine.


Keeping curfew is for losers. Don't give in!

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