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March 25, 2008



"She jumped back from me like I had asked her whether or not she wanted to watch someone put Princess Jasmine on the guillotine."



Good luck with your vow, and excellent job on the spelling of solemn.


1. I hate the word "tittie" too.
2. Just the WORDS "brown," "recluse," and "spider" strung together make me shiver.
3. I didn't know penguins molted either.
4. That print is great!
and finally 5. I'm glad you've vowed to post more! Your posts always crack me up, and that is something I sorely need in my life.


I didn't know brown recluses were so small. That is really scary. Thankfully their shyness is documented right there in the name. I think I'd take molting penguins any day, however.


Hooray for the lifestyle choice. I am trying to get back in gear with my posting, too. It is tough! My brain is fried these days.


posting regularly on all or nothing? a reader could get used to this!

aren't kids the best. no fear of like, SCARY things, but total fear of total normal body functions of webbed creatures. Gotta love it.

I want to go to the zoo slash BE OUTSIDE AND NOT FREEZE TO DEATH. I solemnly swear to start looking for a job outside of Michigan.


ewwww no tiddie sandals! thongs are bad enough!


That little bulldog with a martini is awesome. Love it!


1. all this talk about molting genuinely made me crave a mAlt. i must be hungry.

2. we once did an event where the youth minister - the YOUTH MINISTER i said! - was wearing a hat sporting the tiddies logo. we were in awe and disgusted at his gall at the same time. the place? you guessed it. oklahoma.

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