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February 07, 2008



This story made me chuckle and smile. Yeah, anytime I'm frusted with Hub-E's antics and I wonder why the heck I ever said yes all those years ago, I think to myself, "you know, nobody's perfect. If it's not one flaw, it's another. And really, at least he's not a sports-aholic, and there all those other good points about him." And then I just realize that life is actually pretty darn good and yes, I can picture us together being old and grey.


I'm just like Code and Tom's just like you! At least in the spazoid/fixer-upper roles! Funny!


I am glad you are okay with it. I had a relationship with someone like that and...I don't anymore. I decided I would rather be alone than have all that tension all the time.


I think some people are just kinda meant for each other. That's the only way I can explain it :)


Oh bless ... frustrating, yes - but that's 'just how you guys roll'. :P


love this title first of all...and so glad you're so in love with cody that all that crazy stuff just makes you laugh. And I'm always looking for excuses not to shower, so awesome. Maybe I'll stop paying the water bill too!


That is so cute. Your husband sounds like a current day Mr Magoo. :D Don't worry my husband is that spacey too!


This is like my favorite story ever.


I love this story! It made me smile. And laugh. A LOT. You and Cody just seem meant for each other...You balance each other out so nicely.


Good post!


Super. You two are lucky to have each other!


I love that. I hope my husband can laugh at my craziness and that he will learn to laugh at my consistent problem of printing out directions to the wrong location.


I think is the untold story of marriage. I struggle with it daily, but instead of Cody's things, just insert "touching raw chicken and then EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE KITCHEN before sorta kinda washing hands just with water" and "emailing one coworker a really mean insult about another coworker and not realizing you have cc'd the BIG BOSS" and "don't notice the car is leaking water so the engine burns out on the middle of the giant highway and you are out $7,000."

Operation Pink Herring

What an awesome story. I'd be so pissed, but that's why I just make sure I do all the bill-paying and accounting myself!


This was such a great post.

Cody reminds me a lot of my Tim, and how I really do need to laugh more about the things he does that seem monumental at the time.


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Great story....it's been BlogStarred.


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