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February 26, 2008



I always hear about these fascinating things way too late in the game! Hope you feel better soon :)


that does sound fascinating. I'm not sure how it works! How do you know who to give your log-on stuff too?

off to google Lost trivia, because I need more ways to waste my time.


feel better soon darling! I look forward to tomorrow's anonfest. (I am not playing this time)


Lost trivia? Where? I must play!
I'm home sick from work today too, but I was productive by watching bad tv on SoapNet.
One thing that was productive was finding out about Blogshare and therefore, finding your blog!


As Tiff now knows (due to her being SUCKED IN, BWAHAHA), the LOST trivia I have been so productive with all day is on Facebook. Join! You can be on my team!


I hope you're feeling better soon miss! *hugs*


Where is this LOST trivia of which you speak? I would be a master! Hope you feel better soon.


Feel better soon...this has been a bad winter for illness. I usually never get sick, and I had a stomach virus in December (ugh) and a cold a couple of weeks ago.

I didn't know about this blog share day but it sounds like a neat idea!

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