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February 15, 2008



you just managed to wrap up all my irrational fears about commitment and marriage into one beautiful story of love. I'm going to have to come back and remind myself of these later.


This is so great, Elise! Thanks for sharing this amazingly detailed story.

I am so with you on the Anti-Baby-Having movement. Is there a march we can get in on? Oh, and my movement has no specific end date. Is that allowed?


What a GREAT story! I love it!

Operation Pink Herring

What a great story! Thank you for telling it, and for helping with the "virtual party"!!


What a great story!

I have to tell you, your relationship with Cody reminds me so much of mine with Tim that I read to him (out loud) your entire post about Super Tuesday.

And he was on the floor laughing because he could not believe that there is someone just like him out there.



You have a way with words, Elise, and I love hearing your stories.

Perfect meeting, perfect story. I love your adventure!


that's a great story! i loved hearing about your adventure.


love this story, my dear. I knew some of the details, but not all of them. Like I didn't know that you got married so quickly! I also didn't know you were supposed to go to law school, but I should have known because, SO WAS I. Until I met a boy, of course.

I hope I get to meet you and Cody someday! I mean, we just have to.


I love that story.

It's funny how life changes from "terrifying" to "adventure" when it's with the right person.


Ha! Elise! I lived this one, for I, too pontificated to my husband about how I had Other, non-marriage plans. Eight years ago. We've been married for most of that time. Yeah for the new bride-to-be, and I'll go by and say congrats for sure. One last thing: I was gone when you wrote your baby post and must say YES! Exactly! (I am Chiada's friend who literally cannot leave the house without being asked why/when/how come I am refusing to "fulfill my duty as a woman" (gag) and spawn. Its depressing actually, what with the millions of pregnant/be-kidded friends I have. Aren't there enough people on earth??


It's the same when you have the kids, their poop isn't horrible, their whining ( no, wipe that one out, ALL whining is enough to drive a saint to drink, not even your own kids can do that and be cute!) The sleeless thing is awful until you have that first smile at 3am and it's all for YOU and no-one else sees it, then being awake when everyone else sleeps is a bit awesome.
I was one of those annoying people that always wanted to be married and have 37 babies that would never be as irritating as those brats at the supermarket.
I bet if or when you decide to have babies you'll be just fine, you'll look back and wonder what you were worried about and it so IS an adventure.


People seem to say that you'll just know when that right peson comes along--and I hate to admit it, but it is absolutely true. I am gald it was like that for you too.


You're so cute. Congrats to Jen. And I'm so happy for you and Cody. You both sound perfect.


OK, so I JUST got engaged. And we've only been together about three months. And I haven't checked in in a while. And I've never heard the story about how you and Cody met. But! I loved it. And thanks for sharing,


Loved the story of you and Cody! I hadn't heard all the details either before. Although I do remember my first reaction when I heard you were engaged was "wait, seriously?? I thought she was never getting married!" :) And a slightly scary thought for you, Duane and I had a similar conversation recently, about how our kids would be different, and somehow we'd still find plenty of time for sleep and laziness, and next thing you know we're looking at ultrasounds and thinking up baby names! :)


LOVE the baby paragraph. I've been married 5 years and am so an anti-baby having right now it's funny. To people who berate me for not wanting this "greatest blessing of life" right now, I always reply.."You know that getting prego often leads to having an infant, right? I will have a baby the minute you tell me you'll be on your way to my house each and every night to change diapers and do 2 a.m. feedings. Because I? am so not there." :)Anyways, totally appreciated your blog.


What a wonderful and romantic story you two have! I'm so glad for your joy... and hope Joel and Jen will have the same!

Claire Barrett Patrick

Holy cow, Elise. I am addicted to your writing. I wish you'd write a novel about your life. I'd read it. Or...something fictional, I'm sure that'd be great too. *I mean, I KNOW you have so much TIME to do things like that and all...*

I love your story. It's so cute. I always kinda wondered how y'all got together. I mean, I knew you had to know him...due to Kyle and Nathan and Mrs. C. So...I just wondered. Now I know. (:

If YOU are starting to get over the "not having kids" thing...then maybe I have some hope, eventually. (:


What an AMAZING story! I can't believe how quickly you guys met and got married. You ARE brave. I love that you guys completely make your lives unique and do what is right for you!

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