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January 28, 2008



Yinz, yes! I first heard that up in the Poconos, in eastern Pennsylvania. I always assumed it was some weird contraction of "you ones" that came out like "y'uns". If that makes sense.

Lordy, just reading this post made me tired. It's great to hear that you had fun! I perked up to see that Pat McGee Band was there. I saw them in college (Mallstock - woo!) when they were not so big and famous. Ah, well.


Your post made me want to drop everything and go right now. Sounds absolutely amazing!


Ya did good! I enjoyed hearing about your trip! Usually when people talk about their trips, I tend to zone out.
Yinz. That's a new one!


I want. TO GO.

I saw the list of other cruises they do, so I'm not really particular. Need to get myself on one of those BOATS!!!


I loved this post. It felt just like one of my own amazing days and ramblings about it. You did a great job capturing all of it.

Teacher A

Ugh. I had a tick once while on vacation (amazing how they seem to show up then), and it really was on my head! A big fat one, too. Make sure you get your blood tested. I wound up being infected with Lyme disease, but thanks to prompt treatment it went away.


That sounds like a wonderful vacation... aside from missing your uncle!!!!

Also, I hope that one day AS has occasion to "eyeliner a C-section scar on my exposed midriff." That is true love!

blogging barbie

this post made me oh so happy, and oh sad at the same time. next year....next year...i will be there.

love you. xoxo

Claire Barrett Patrick

Oh man. Well, Elise... I knew you were cool, but I was not aware that you were Rock Boat Cool. I mean, I could have guessed, but I didn't.

I tried to convince Chance that we HAD to go on the Rock Boat for our Honeymoon. We decided...it might be awkward rooming with friends...on our HONEYMOON. That and...We didn't get the opportunity...(someone's roommates bailed last minute)...until our trip to Playa del Carmen was already booked.

Someday, we'll go on the Rockboat. I'm determined. At least...a version of it, since they have so many now. Our friend Sherrice Waller goes every year. She's awesome. Maybe you met her. If not, maybe you will someday. (: Hehe.

Oh, I'm jealous, but I'm so glad you had such a fun time. It's good to hear. Mmmm...Rock Boat.


Oh my gosh, that sounds like the best vacation ever! Even the tick that you so smartly doused in vodka (I usually hate to see alcohol go to waste, but that seems like a good idea). I think I need to go on a cruise. Like...rightthissecond.

Caustic Cupcake

Several notes:

1. I'm glad you've been posting more frequently. It's about freakin' time.

2. That trip sounded fantastically fun.

3. Every time I hear someone say "yinz", I cringe.

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