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December 14, 2007


Operation Pink Herring

I was raised in a household where pets don't go to the vet. My mom raised the three of us by herself, with no money, and the cat just took care of herself. That was just how it was. And she lived to be 19 freaking years old. Of course.

Now that I have my own cats, I feel like I've become that crazy, overprotective pet owner. I do a head count before I go to sleep to make sure no one accidentally got outside. I buy them toys all the time, I just can't help it. I worry that I'm not giving them enough attention when I travel or work late or go away for the weekend. my mom almost died when I told her i was taking Max in to have two rotten teeth surgically removed, but hey. The vet made it very clear that those infected teeth were going to put him in a lot of pain later, and possibly kill him if they weren't treated. So I did it. And while he was there overnight, I bit off all my nails worrying.

There's nothing wrong with loving a pet so much. As long as you keep a grasp on reality and don't start buying her diamond-studded collars!


Oh, poor Lydah. When I FINALLY get a dog, I'm sure I'll be the same way. I hope she feels better soon!


I hear ya, sista. When Elli was about that age, Rocky shut her leg in the car door (accidentally, of course) and when I found out that she was going to have x-rays, I bawled. I've also taken her to the overnight vet for an emergency puke-age because she got into my purse and ate half a pack of Trident with xylitol (which, BTW, two sticks to a 20 pound dog can be fatal). Then because we couldn't afford the overnight observation, The Hunk stayed up all night long to keep her hydrated and watch for seizures.

We throw the tennis ball for hours for Elli. Elli sleeps with us. Elli is family.


I am the same way with my dog Bugs. I love my poodle Zoey, but my hound boy Bugs is my heart!!! I've cried before just thinking that one day he won't be here. Is that psycho crazy pet love or what? I'm with you, how will I be with my kids if I'm like this with my dog. BUT HE'S MY BABY!!!! :-)


Oh no! It's totally understandable to be upset about her being hurt and given the sedative and all of that. Dogs are like children, except better, because as you said, they're less annoying (not that I'm sure I won't love my future unborn kids someday in the far, far future). Anyway, I hope Lydah gets better soon!!


These things are so tough. My dog Goldie is the light of my life and I often wonder how far I would go for her (she's a big dog and she is 12). I am really not prepared for her to pass away.


Well how is she? Did everything turn out ok?

Deb on the Rocks

Ouch, ACL hurts serious bad in humans. Lydah's got such a good mama.


I never thought I would become the obsessed with my dog type, but I'm totally there. I can't leave the house without buying him something. It's a sort of sickness, I think, but I love him.

(I hope Lydah is back to her usual non-limpy self soon.)

michelle and the city

i think all of us childless pet owners consider our pets to be our children. you're not alone. i hope everything gets better with lydah!


My dog had that surgery. The hardest part was keeping him from going up and down stairs for the required time period and keeping him from jumping up and down from the bed after the surgery. We tried to get him to walk on a foot stool to get up on the bed but he wasn't having any of that crap. Oh and when he had cancer, I spent several thousand dollars having that treated. It was sad.


I've had more heartbreak over pets than I have over my children. That may just mean my kids haven't given me reason yet. You are a good mom to your baby, no matter how hairy she is.

blogging barbie

ohhhh, poor lydah!!! heres hoping for a fast recovery.

and if it makes you feel any better, B? yeah, he's spoiled rotten.

whatev, you're a totally awesome puppeh mommeh. :)

xo, bb

Secret Blogger Santa

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Completely understand. I once returned home to find my beautiful Tati (Maltise) with a broken paw. It turns out that the maid had stepped on her and had forgotten to tell me. Needless to say, I went Ike Turner on the maid and fired her ass.
I used to laugh at people with pictures of their pets on their desks until I fell in love with my dog. They are family--I hope your dog gets better.


Um yea. This was me about a month ago when my Bailey needed surgery to remove a sock that was stuck in her intestines.


I let her sleep in bed with me too.

She Likes Purple

I have an unhealthy obsession with my dog, as well. Regardless of how many kids we have, she'll always be my first.

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