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December 28, 2007



This reminds me about something which happened a few weeks ago. My mum asked me to take her nail polish off her toes and I was disgusted at the thought so I refused. But then I gave in and as I removed the dark plum coloured polish from her toes, I discovered that a BLACK FUNGUS had taken over her big toe!

This then led to us cutting half of the nail off (the fungus part).

Now almost everyday I can't help but to examine how the nail is going. I think it's an obsession or something...

Oh, and the nail polish was only on her toes for about a week - so it wasn't as if the fungus had been there for months! :-)


umm, does your cruise like, stop in Washington DC? Cause I am still hoping you come visit sometime soon! :)


Dory, of Can't Remember Diddly, had her toenail pulled up off her nailbed in a motorcycle accident in July. (She was wearing flip-flops of all things)She just put a Band-Aid on it and it did reattach itself in about a week or two. you might try it. If it doesn't, the new nail will start growing under it.


Omg, those pictures totally grossed me out - and WHO thinks those little toenail gnomes are funny? Blech.

Good thing is, at least it's off - because now the new nail will grow faster. Right?

Besides, I'm sure noone will even think to look at your toenail, so no worrying about it, you hear? Just have a great time!

Princess Extraoridnaire

Ew. I have been where you are now and I hate to say it but you have to let go and let it grow back - although my sister did use super glue once and painted over her toe while she was on a trip - sounds gross (and it was) but it looked great after photo shop...


I lost my big toenail due to soccer and while painful (as I was still kicking a ball with that toe) for a while, it wasn't that bad. Just don't let it get stepped on. That really hurts. And it'll grow back in like 2 months. Do you at least have a cool story as to why it fell off?

Teacher A

I vote for sandals and a Band-Aid over the offending toe. For all anyone will know, you just stubbed that one--or dropped a knife on it. Whatever mundane or exciting story suits the situation.


if it makes you feel any better, jessica alba is pregnant, so you may not want to look like her anymore... or soon anyway.


if it makes you feel any better, jessica alba is pregnant, so you may not want to look like her anymore... or soon anyway.


Band-aids. Yes. They're the only solution at this point. It probably won't be that bad, though.


Oh man... as much as I love to run, I am terrified that I will one day get an ugly toe.

Definitely band-aid that sucker. No one will notice!

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