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December 05, 2007



oh my gosh your cat tangent story cracked me up! i know it was horrible because i went thru something similar and considered throwing my cat out of the window as well. i ended up stopping at a walmart and buying a plastic carrier (he shredded the cloth one i had that's how he got out in the first place). not a fun experience. at all.

Operation Pink Herring

Oh. My. God. That is the best story, ever. Period.

The cat tangent scares the life out of me. I happily allow one of my cats to ride in the car without a carrier because he's a mean one (mr. grinch) when he is forced to do things he doesn't want to do, and something he NEVER wants to do is ride in the carrier. one time he managed to claw the carrier open while I was driving on the highway, and before I could pull over and put him back in his cell he'd curled up on the passenger seat and gone to sleep. So now he rides with no carrier. And now I'm scared he's going to flip out and claw my face off for no reason at 70 (or 80)+ miles per hour.


Hilarious! I remember Renée Zellweger having an identical cat story traveling across the country in her Kenny Chesney days.

My college roommate and I used to promise to play certain songs at each other's funeral whenever we thought we were going to die...which was often.


That was the funniest thing I have read in a long time! I actually had to stop mid way because I was crying with hilarity! WOW!


HA! Sorry to laugh at your suffering, but BWAAHAHAHAHA!!

I actually know that pharmacist joke...the way I heard it, a woman goes to a pharmacist and asks for some substance that would kill her husband (can't remember what). The pharmacist is appalled and says he can't and won't and she doesn't even have a prescription. The woman reaches into her purse and produces a photograph of her husband in bed with the pharmacist's wife. The pharmacist says, "Will that be the 25 mg or the 50 mg tablets, ma'am?"

Miss Doxie

This has nothing to do with this entry at all, but I just read your comment, and I must now point out that not ONLY did you also miss Halloween because you were working in California (THE NERVE, I SAY), but ALSO, you have my middle name! I am Leigh Elise! Which, when I was angsty and in high school, I combined into one really long name, i.e., Leighelise. Sure, it's redundant, but to a sixteen year old, it is also "ironic." This, of course, was before we learned what "ironic" meant.

But, yes! See, we are possibly the same person. The end!


Michelle - I'm sorry that you have a similar cat story. I'm sorry for ANYONE who has a similar cat story!

OPH - I would tell you not to be scared, because Jack The Cat (RIP, now) was INSANE IN THE BRAIN. He could not be trusted under any circumstances, although (obviously) the car thing was unexpected, even for him. However, reading other people saying that they have/have heard similar cat stories makes me wonder if it's just something in that feline nature that clicks over occasionally and makes them ATTACK! Yikes...

Tina - What is the Renée Zellweger story? I'd love to hear it :)

Andrea - I'm so glad someone "gets" me ;) Thanks!

VBG - Thanks for the joke clarification; I'm sure that was the punch line because I honestly cannot imagine what else could be there. I was too busy trying not to breathe and still exist to pay all that much attention at the time!

Miss Doxie - HOLY FREAKING COW, MISS DOXIE?!? I had to rub my eyes a couple of times to make sure that was the name, and it wasn't Miss Moxie or something equally charming and cute but still not the ATL Original. Wow. It's you! And, guess what. You'll never believe if, but MY MIDDLE NAME IS ELISE, TOO. Not my first name! Middle! How about that?


U-haul reminds me of moving which I just HATE and therefore I avoid at all cost. Such a funny story! My hubby's from Abilene, so I have a vivid picture of West Texas....


Wow. What an adventure!!! Clearly, there is never a dull moment when a U Haul is involved.


okay, we were so clearly separated at birth. Psycho cats aside (I have one too), I met Andrew right as I was graduating college, and my departure from college was a long drive across Texas, include the vast craphole of WEST TEXAS to go be with this stranger man I just met but was apparently destined to marry. Except my journey went from New Orleans to Denver to VERMONT in a Saturn filled with my life's posessions. Thank the god there was no Uhaul involved!

Kalamazoo Mom of 2

HILARIOUS story! Swung by your blog today for the first time - and I'm so glad I did! Upon graduating from college, I too endured a drive across West Texas - actually a 3-week drive from Houston to San Diego, Long Beach, Vegas, the Grand Canyon and back to Houston - WITH MY GRANDPARENTS! At one point, I remember having to pee, it was at night, and I could see Albuquerque (did I spell that right?), anyway, I thought, cool, it doesn't look too far I'll just hold it instead of pulling over and waking everyone up. Well about 2 HOURS LATER, we still weren't there, and to be honest, it didn't appear as if we'd gotten ANY closer. Damned desert! I ended up peeing on the side of the road .....
Nice intro for a first-timer to your blog, huh? - Sorry about the visual. I look forward to checking back .....


Hilarious!!! But also kind of scary, seeing as how I may well be renting my own U-Haul this weekend. I'll be dispatching AS to deal with all U-Haul related business.


hilarious. That was the best story ever. hahaha.

I looked at the length of the post and thought I'd read it in installments, but couldn't swing away from it.


Nothing more persuasive than an Eastern European. Nothing.


i read this a couple days ago and had to scurry off somewhere. i just wanted to let you know this post was HILARIOUS! it was all i could do to not bust out laughing in my cubicle.

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