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November 05, 2007



Whoah. You are a braaaaaave woman. I don't know how you people do it. Very very impressive. So, does your boutique have an online store? Or a site just to read what your boutique is all about?


yikes! is it bad that i sort of wish my calendar was that packed?


Holy crap. I bow in your presence... and hope you're signed up for frequent flyer miles!


WOW. If I could clone myself, I would come help, watch, and have fun with clothes. Unfortuneately i have my own hurculean schedule and a little problem with my star trek technology right now. Counselor Troy over and out.


Ack, I'm tired just reading your schedule!


Wow. I don't participate in NaBloMoPoShoDo or whatever because I fear it would cut into my time I spend watching America's Next Top Model. Suddenly, I feel a tiny bit lazy.


I want to come help! I will pick you up out of your grave even, I love you that much. And also hate my job. Your job sounds much more fun, minus all the travel...


Oh my hat Elise .. I think you need to er, come visit me sooner rather than later!


I will check my calendar. Maybe it is time for Big Fish.


I'll model for you! =)

blogging barbie

i applaud your multitasking fabulousness. and i'd totally model for you. i bet there's a golden yellow skirt in the mix somewhere that would look totally bitchin' on me. ;)

xo, bb

Operation Pink Herring

Ouch. I am officially cut off from complaining about my "hectic" schedule, which really looks like a vacation compared to your month.


If you need help I probably can just let me know what day. I'm good at loading, not much of a model, but I can bring the ladies to the booth.



Good luck.


Kyle and I will come up and be your slaves for a month!


Yeah but...what's he plan for December, I got all excited to see if you are in LA in december 'cause I WILL BE! I am a caring sort of online stalkery friend, where you gonna be in December? Will you still be able to walk and talk by then?


And I thought I was busy these days...


Good luck with all that!

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