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October 24, 2007



Geeeeeeez... I am not a mommy and, after reading this post, am thankful that I am not a mommy, even though sometimes I have mommy urges. How horrible. I'm completely with you on this one, too.

Also? "NINE FIFTEEN". LOL. I totally know what you mean. I had to babysit my nephews about a year ago who were 5 and 1.5 at the time. I only had to watch them for a few hours, but I swear, the time just creeped.by. Game after game after game. After story after story after story. And they had to be made up games and stories! Like, involving mini toy cars and motorcycles and blankets and pillows in the living room! After that, I had to play "restaurant" and order food. Gaaaaahh!!! Burnt me out in about 30 minutes, I tell you that. And I love like kids, too! Especially ones related to me. But this was just about enough for a year's worth of babysitting. Oi.

molly murphy

I don't really like cutesy blog conventions like fake laughs and smiley faces.....but i really need to cue the evil laugh track right now. There was one main problem here. (Besides volunteering for child care-sucker.) You went to a place where people who don't want to look after (or cook for)their children take them. I know. I have a six year old girl. And I sometimes don't want to PLAY ANYMORE. However, I know that evil Moms go to food/playland combos. And rarely do evil parents begat polite children. So next time take her to some yuppie communal group effort park and parents will apologize to you while offering your kid a whole grain organic snack. Non-evil mommies unite! Or NEMU for short.

Operation Pink Herring

In my experience, "I'm not passing judgement" usually means they are about to, in fact, pass judgement. Much like "no offense", which 99% of the time means that the person is about to say something offensive.


Gosh! that was a horrid encounter...Even though I am no where near to being a mom any time soon, I can tell it is a crazy nerve wrecking job...the screams specially, its hard enough for me to put up with the airplane kids I encounter while travelling...they make it so damn impossible to make me wanna have a kid...Let me add, I don't hate kids, I love them, but only as long as they are someone else's kids, and I don't have to watch over them....:)


Oh, my. That woman is things too nasty to type on your pretty colored site. I'm a mom and obviously we are all NOT like that, and Lordy, is anyone every prepared for those super crazy people? Yes, there are some people who use parenthood as an excuse to act insane. But most moms I meet are pretty nice!

TV. That's how you kill an hour or so with a toddler. I also meet friends for lunch at 11:30am - there's no shame in eating early to escape! :-)


Just to be clear, I have lots of friends who are mommies, and they are lovely, wonderful people. So believe me, I am not at all saying that ALL mommies behave like this awful woman did! I mean, if that were true, her horrible behavior wouldn't have shocked me so much.

I'm all for the Non-Evil-Mommies-Unite idea :) Let me know where NEMU meets, and next time I am babysitting, I'll be sure to go there, instead.


Dude, what a serious biatch. I have a feeling karma is gonna bite HER one day soon.


I'm a mommy, and I take my kids to those types of places (not because I don't want to cook or whatever, but because in the town we live in, they don't exist, so it's like going to Disney land for my kids...lol). Thankfully, I've never encountered anything like this, because while on most days I would have some smartass and rude remarks to give back to the lady, my luck is, she'd talk to me like that on the PMS day of mine where I cry at the drop of a hat, and I'd just be sitting there crying while she yelled at me.

Also, in general, the only other mommies I deal with are related to me, so if our kids fight, we just let them sort it out on their own. I don't take my kids to other kids' birthday parties (and we only invite relatives to ours), to play dates, nor are they in any sports or anything. The mommies "compete" too much.


I've met these horrid evil mommies, and I've told them to stick it up their ass, after they've removed the corncob.

In my head.

I'm a chickenshit.

There's nothing you could have said to this biotch. She wouldn't get it. Her kid's an angel and your kid's a demon.


OMG... Thanks for the daily birth control reminder. I am never having children ever!!!

How did you resist the urge to tell that mom how ridiculously messed up you predict her kids will turn out?


I must say, being a teacher has made me VERY wary of mums. I've seen how irrational some can get.. and it's damn scary. Thankfully, they're only a select few. ;)

*giggling at Dory's comment*


Well...there will be moments like that one, but they're not ALL like that. And there will be days where the time moves slowly...like a glacier. But there are other days too and those are what make the experience of children worth it.


See now, here's where you look HORRIFIED and say "OH SHIT!!! You're so right..LM come here, do you know how to gargle....ack ack what can you have caught?? SPIT SPIT!!" And run away, quickly. That's shut her up. I got me six kids, I know all the tricks.


Ugh. I loathe those types of mommies. I want to be a mommy one day - but I want to prove that insane and mommy doesn't necessarily go together.
I like that you said it would be out of character...but I would've thrown in a "..unless your child provoked her.." that would've resulted in a chicken nugget food fight!

She Likes Purple

I found you vid alyndabear.com. I'm not a mom yet, but I hope to be. And honestly what scares me more than anything (including that no-sleep thing) is other moms.


I'm a nanny so I deal with this kind of stuff all the time! It's ridiculous. Some moms are crazy and think they know everything and like to tell you how to parent/do your job, you know because obviously they are the best mom in the universe!

I love the kids I nanny for but at the end of the day, I give them back! That's as close to mommy as I want to be for a long long time.

P.S. found you via alyndabear :]


I'm a nanny so I deal with this kind of stuff all the time! It's ridiculous. Some moms are crazy and think they know everything and like to tell you how to parent/do your job, you know because obviously they are the best mom in the universe!

I love the kids I nanny for but at the end of the day, I give them back! That's as close to mommy as I want to be for a long long time.

P.S. found you via alyndabear :]


you are too funny. 9:15 and thinking you got stuck in some sort of time warp.

and that mommy was definitely evil. i have a lot of friends who are parents too but i hate the kind of parent who thinks there child has done no wrong. or exaggerates.


The next time I feel the urge to have a child, I am going to come back and read this and give myself a moment to ponder if I too am ready to face other moms. And when I come to the conclusion that no I'm not (because I will come to that conclusion), I will sleep late and brush my teeth with a bottle of gin. Because I can. Because I don't have kids. Yet.


Sounds, at least, like LM is an endorsement for having children: plays well alone and with others and is honest. That, or she is quite the ninja and anyone knows how cool a child-ninja is! You are a good friend to have babysat and been so diligent in your watch. Do you live in the NOLA area? Just askin'....


Ack, the dreaded bitchy mom's. Maybe that mom needs some vodka or a special pill to calm her down. Just a suggestion for her.

(And, HI!, just found your blog today.)


Wow - super yuck.

I am a mommy and I have never run into another mommy like this I am glad to say. The worst I have experienced is when in a large enclosed outside mall my son was running around and another toddler started to play with him and when my son stopped and picked up some wood chips from a planter, the other mom yelled to her kid not to do it too because it was "dirty" and then whisked her son away quickly. I was left thinking "what is so bad about wood chips?" I mean it wasn't like I was going to let him eat them and i was well prepped to wash his hands afterwards. He was only 20 months at the time.

Please know most moms are not like this horrible lady - sorry you ran into someone like her. We aren't all like that at all!


Holy man! I am 3 months pregnant and this story just scared me ;-) don't know what I just got myself into!


WOW and you still had the entire afternoon left! LOL

I can't believe the evil Mommy--that is insane. I'm sure LM didn't bite her! Even if she did, I don't think I would ever approach the situation like that...especially if my kids were being crying, screaming brats!!

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