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October 15, 2007



I feel you. I have barely been able to keep up with the reading / commenting, let alone the writing, let alone the INTELLIGENT writing over the past several weeks. When will it end???


Hey, don't sell the apple butt short! I would definitely like to hear about the evil mommies.


I wish I could help, m'dear.. but sadly I'm already thinking ahead for NaBloPoMo AND FAILING! *freaks*


Well, the item that sparked my interest the most was the thing about being a wife and being required to remember all of his details. All the time, Hub-E is like, "why can't you remind me of ___x___?", as if it's my fault that something failed to happen because I didn't remind him of it. Pffffft. Yeah, whatever.


Elise is BACK!!! YAY!!!

I vote for the evil mommy thingy. I am a mommy. Am I evil? Have I ever before committed the horrible hateful harm that these heinous mommies performed against you? Did it have the faint aroma of apple butt lingering after?

Inquiring minds must know.

p.s. yes I cheated and used www.thesaurus.com. *hmphs*


girlfriend, I want to hear about all of them! start typin!


Well, I can't wait to read any one of those bullet points in post form. I'm with Alynda on this. As soon as I figure out how to make it through NaBloPoMo alive, I'll offer suggestions.


Thank you for making the postponing of a daily shower seem...noble. Now instead of beating myself up for being a smelly skank, I shall give myself accolades for being a committed water conservationist!

(really. I was just wondering this morning if I really *neeeeeeeeeeded* to shower today. Although I probably will, as I am getting my hair cut today and you know how it goes...you want your hair to look great for the nanosecond before they wet it all down and start over.)

Now that I have gone on and on and taken over the comments and given you WAY more information than you ever wanted to know, I shall go away. mk

Operation Pink Herring

I vote for all of them. Starting with the plane incident. I am always up for a travel horror story!


We want to hear it all! :)

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