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September 06, 2007



I own both Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II and can attest to its awesome-ness, but unfortunately, I do not live near you. I have not heard about a Guitar Hero for the Wii, but did you know that there is now a GH III? It is all 80s songs!


First of all, how cool is it that you own a store? Have you blogged about this? Remember, I AM a new reader :-) I want details!

I love that you had such a great time at Nathan's birthday celebration. Clearly, your family has a lot of love for each other.


I remember it differently:

My family converged on me, on my birthday, intervention style, and tried to convince me that I was mentally insane.

I still enjoyed it though because, hey, it's family.

Thanks again for dinner, it was truly a night to relish.


Guitar Hero III is coming out for Wii. Guitar Hero III is not all 80's songs - you are thinking of "80's Hero", which is basically Guitar Hero IIb.

Also, this Adam person sounds like he is both wise and beautiful.


Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock is coming out for Wii in October (the 21st, I believe). You can pre-order it now.

I believe I am going to look into getting GH for my son for Christmas. :D


That sounds like the best birthday party EVAH! You are blessed and if you get all verklempt about it, I wouldn't blame you. Especially if there's alcohol mixed into the equation... "I love you man, but you can't have my Bud Light".


so, how stalerish is it for me to tell you I will be in LA for 3 weeks in December and will you be there on one of your trips? Will ya? Huh? What d'ya think?


trust me not to even stalk properly, I have to go and stale, typical. am rubbish.


Yay, sounds like a great, fun trip! But I do sympathize with you on the L.A. madness, especially the 405 Freeway. Nasty stuff there! And LAX! Hate it.


Ok, sorry about the Guitar Hero misinformation. But still, there is an all 80s Guitar Hero!


Well at least L.A. wasn't a total loss! Sounds fun!
About the bag, if I actually get a (stole) Coach bag, I'll def. blog it. If I get two, I'll send you one haha.


Champagne-induced nausea would make it really difficult for me to write. Or...eat at Burger King. You must have a cast iron stomach.


"And I feel totally inclined to look into that possibility, especially since Southern California is so well-known for its reasonably priced real estate."

Ok, I love you, because that made me snort while laughing.


Me again, I hate to solicit my blog, but I've run into a dilemma and I need help coming up with a new name...can you help?

Teacher A

Guitar Hero III isn't being made by the same people and the new developers have added a bunch of stupid things, like boss battles. Rock Band will be awesome, and is being made by the people who made Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II (I swear, this is all we talk about at my house these days).


I was in L.A. at the EXACT SAME TIME AS YOU. Apparently, everyone goes to the L.A. I kind of love it there, even though there was traffic at 2 a.m. on the 405 as I was going back to my friggen' hotel. Those bitches.

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