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September 20, 2007


blogging barbie

um, hi i just found your blog via your comment on mine, and hello? i don't mean to be forward but i heart you. seriously. hooked.

i'm so sorry to hear about the pup's eating mhabits. although i must confess, i was laughing out loud at this post. your writing style? lurve. my pup will scarf down anything- including rocks. dirt. paper. what have you...so unfortunately i'm not able to offer any advice. but i still heart you! so that's gotta be good for something!!! :)

xo, bb

p.s.- totally going with the flats,and helllo, the fact that you mentioned manicure? already booked. loving we're on the same page :)


I KNEW that there was a bright side in all those poisoned-dog-food stories! You're it!


In answer to your question, yes. That is gross. Many things you said are gross. Crazy animal people have no sense of decorum.


I laughed. I'm a horrible, horrible person. I'm glad your dog's feeling better though. I've had two German Shepherds when I was a kid. I miss.


Hello, it's me, Lena.
So, the only thing I dislike about your blog is that there's not a new post like, every half hour!
Glad your dog is better!


german shepherds like burritos from chipotle's. i - of course - don't know if this is actually true or not, but it makes for a funny mental image thinking of a dog eating a burrito with its paws. think about it. yep, told you.


by the way, how did your novel for "national novel writing month" or whatever turn out?? :-)


Woo! Painful, but at least she's eating now!
I had the opposite problem with my dog. He would eat ANYTHING, except his own poo. He used to fight the cat for the cat food.

Of course, how he's 16, and old, and toothless, but he'd rather eat dry dog food instead of food from a can. Go figure.


So glad your doggie is OK! We get looks from the vet when we take in our cocker spaniel for the same reason. She is SUPER skinny. But she eats ALL the time so I don't know where it all goes!

Glad to find so many new & fabulous blogs to read thru the 20-something blog ring - yours included :)


oh my, this is reason #57568678 why I don't have a dog. I wouldn't know what to do. Yet it is very entertaining to hear what you did. Poison, huh? Who woulda thought!

I have a cat who doesn't really like cat food, but he loves people food so much that it keeps him from being totally ano.

Operation Pink Herring

As the owner of a cat who WON'T STOP EATING, the whole I-don't-wanna-eat thing sounds kind of awesome. Except, not, of course. Since we all like to keep our pets alive. Maybe we can work out an arrangement where some of Max's fat is transferred to Lydah?

I sympathize (a lot) with the food issues. Max was on Rx food for years. I finally switched him to an uber expensive pet store food instead (still cheaper than Rx), and two weeks later? RECALLED. I freaked out. Big time. Luckily, things turned out OK here too.


Good lord how scary. Thank goodness she's OK. My mom put her dog on an all raw-meat diet (have yet to meet a dog who will refuse that one) but that's super expensive and takes a lot of work.

Both my GSDs are only half pure GSD. One of them is a big fat pig. Right upon letting him in the house he will cruise around the kitchen, sniffing out anything that might have fallen to the floor. The other dog is a casual eater. Sometimes he does. Sometimes he doesn't. He definitely won't the first night we're in a new place. He won't eat after a dog friend who has spent several days with us has gone. Other times he will pretend that he's not going to eat and then I stand above him and bellow "EAT!" while jabbing my finger at the bowl of food. He'll look at me and be all, "well, goodness. THAT wasn't necessary." and take a few bites while I stand there and give him the evil eye (all while fending off the big fat pig dog who would eat his food in a second and Jackson would let him, too!)


As the friend in question, giving you the poisoned food, I apologize! Glad it turned out ok but sorry about that. I have some baby cribs you can have that just got recalled. you want those?


I'm not sure whether to say "yay she is finally eating!" or "oh my gosh, I am sooo glad she is okay!" I guess I'll say both. Blessing in a poisonous disguise perhaps??

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