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August 08, 2007



That stinks. I made a new blog, just for you!


So rude.
Is this from Amazon?
Because I swear their shipping department is run by monkeys.
You should see how long it takes any international shipping orders to arrive.


I think it might be a rural location thing. I tend to get things ahead of schedule. Go ahead, you can hate me now.


I have been known to hound online stores to refund the extra money I spent on their "speedy" delivery for an item that ended up taking longer than their slowest, "we-deliver-this-by-horse-and-postman" standard shipping. I'll complain and whine until they give me back that extra $10.95. The bastards. And I agree, Amazon is the worst.

By the way, at what point does my link change from being "Kyle Lent Is Back!" ? Doesn't a year constitute my return enough to warrant a change to something a little more permanent, like, say, "Kyle Lent Is The Best!" ????




Yea that's pretty awful and frustrating I am sure.

Hope you had a good weekend!

Chaos Control

Definitely require them to refund your money. They will - you might have to get tough - but they will refund it!!


Did that bloody parcel arrive yet?

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