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August 28, 2007



That's funny. Where I used to work, they had a small bottle of orange spritz from Trader Joe's in the bathroom. Well, after it had been used for a few months, the bookkeeper got to the point to where she couldn't stand the smell of the orange spritz because it made her sick because she associated the smell with unpleasant bathroom odors, even though those odors were covered up by the orange. I actually still like the orange spritz and prefer it to my husband's mode of covering up odors: matches. He lights a match all the time. To me, the icky fumes and smoke from the match are about all I can bear, plus I've started to associate it with icky bathroom odors. Oh well. Can't make everybody's nose happy I guess.

Are you guys movie quoters? This scene you described makes me think of the movie Sixteen Candles when Grampa Fred was in the bathroom and later you see the young brother standing outside the bathroom waving his arm to clear the air and telling everybody not to go in there. Someone does and he says "it's your nose". Then they walk right back out, pinching their nose. Hehehe.


Ewww! The funniest thing about the whole deal is that Cody is just HORRIBLY DISGUSTED by any and all bathroom odors. He is so weird about bathroom stuff that he refuses to believe that girls even poo. Like, ever. He won't even pee with the door open, nor will he allow me to pee anywhere, at any time, where he might have to see it happening. Even if he was in the shower, and I really, really had to go. He is so strange.

So the Apple Butt, that he had voluntarily been sniffing up inside his head for a good five minutes, was ESPECIALLY insulting to Cody when he found out its origins :)

Trader Joe's orange spritz, huh? I know you said you still like it, but orange mixed with ass sounds just awful to me.


You should have also mentioned that when Trey and I farkled for first shower after the game, the unfortunate incident was that he turned what was supposed to be a sub-5 minute rinse into an ass blasting, paint peeling, shower ruining extravaganza, the likes of which I will never fully explain to you. How does someone have the nerve to fight for the bathroom if that is their intention? Courtesy? Please?


Apple Butt, hahaha. That's hilarious .. as is Cody's extra add-on. Yikes! Sounds like one dude you don't want to take bathroom bets on .. *snort* Apple Butt *snorts some more* :)


I'm with Alynda...I'm snorting over here. That's definitely one of the moments you can look back on in 10 years and still laugh about...and be thankful that you can't SMELL the memory! And I love that Cody used the word "farkle" in his comment. It may be my new favorite.


You know, I've still never been there! I wonder if they have those flats with the gold medal on them...haha


*gets up off the floor having just fallen off chair laughing*

We light matches AND burn candles at our house. Now when we light the grill, I can't help thinking about butt. Not a great appetizer.

How does one 'farkle'? This sounds intriguing and something I may need to try.


Caustic Cupcake

Oh. My. God.


I am amazed you are still friends with him! We only have one bathroom here so if we had houseguests with, um, apple butt issues, I am afraid they would come home to the locks changed and their luggage out on the porch with a bottle of Lysol spray.


Ack, we just moved into a house that was rife with smells of every revolting kind. I spent a small fortune buying beautiful plug in thingumyjigs, lavendar and camomile, heavenly, except now all I smell is the poo, I gag at the waft of lavendar, will never be able to smell that again without heaving. Apple butt? That's maybe one I can live without ever experiencing. Also,I am with Cody in that if you know you are about to leave a trail of stink....let the innocent go first!


This is hilarious.
You could be onto something though.
Apple-butt flavored scented candles.
Call Yankee candle and work something out!

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