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August 22, 2007



Girl, you crack my sh*t up!

Plus (BONUS PLAN!) totally teach me stuff (I had to go to dictionary.com to look up desultory).



too funny! I similarly torched a pan holding a gorgeous casserole I didn't want to lose when a hurricane knocked out power for days--but I was coping with a real disaster, so that's my excuse.


Okay, the fact that you can't just COOK THE DAMN PIZZA that you want is making me hormonal. Make Cody fix it. Please?


Heh, grilled pizza. I never would have thought of that.

We used to have an oven that was dysfunctional yet functional. It worked, but when you turned it on to preheat it, it would take a few minutes to actually ignite. All the while, the gas was building up, and then suddenly, five minutes later, we'd hear a loud BOOM! and the oven door would pop open and bang shut. Scared the crap out of me several times.

Then we moved. And the oven remained behind since it was a rental.

Sorry about your oven! Hope you get a new one soon or this one gets fixed.

Chaos Control

F7 on an oven ... I guess computers have taken them over as well?


F7 the oven an get a tiny toaster oven that can bake cookies and pizza. The big oven might then get embarrassed and humilated that a toaster oven can out perform it and maybe it will stop F7ing.


~You are so funny! Our washing machine is sort of broken, needs lots of wiggling and resetting and then it kind of works. while we have been in this house we have used the landlady's Washing machine. I am completely sure that having had a lovely 8 week rest our own machine will be completely well and working perfectly again next week, when we move again.


OMG, this was so hilarious! I'm just jealous that you HAVE an oven right now, although I am sorry that it's not working. And I really want to hear more about the strawberry fish cake, ASAP.


In our house it's a tossup as to which needs replacing most: the oven with the wonky door that takes forever to pre-heat or the fridge that is a hand-me-down from my parents. It works...but the seal needs to be replaced and the light inside is out permanently. Then there's the matter of my car...


OMG I take it Tyler, Texas doesn't have a Pizza Hut? Or is your phone broken, too?

This story is hilarious.

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