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August 06, 2007



As a photographer who specializes in floral photography (i.e. - taking "photo after photo of a flower"), I am offended.

Also, did you know that Daddy Long Legs are not technically spiders? It is factual!


You're not offended, you're just huffy.


Our dog rides the Jet-Ski (sitting in front of the driver) and loves it. That's a fun way to get some strange looks from other boaters.

(followed you back from Lindsey @ The Good Kind of Dorky)


I was all excited that you'd blasted off any mention of spiders... AND THEN I READ THE FIRST PARAGRAPH FULLY. And huddled into a ball. And cried just a little. Bad girl, Elise.

I'm up for filming Lydah on boats. And diving. You could get some potential Funniest Home Videos out of the footage. (And ack, I can't believe I'm saying this, but maybe film the spidies for extra spook points.)



Y'all are making my heart warm, with all your pro dog-loving comments. Maybe I CAN turn this site into an unashamed Lydah LoveFest!


Oh, and sorry, Alynda, about the spiders. Really! It happened before I could help myself.


I'm attached to my digital camera at all times. I will take one hundred pictures of one flower, just to catch it from every angle possible.

It's kind of pathetic, but it passes the time.


Spiders are icky. I HATE spiders.

I recently got a video camera too and I took footage that was equally as riveting--my two dogs sitting around, sleeping...the action was pretty much my shaky hand. :-)


Promise me you won't do the dog a christmas stocking, anything short of that and we can deal, even a charcoal portrait is almost Ok but the stocking? Too far.

Chaos Control

I really must learn to use my camcorder more often. I'm just know I'm going to regret it later if I don't. Sigh ...

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