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August 02, 2007



oh I am so special!!!!! also, I am in love with your dog. And her sweet face. And I love her name too. But of course you gave her a good name because you have impeccable taste! And also, I am just like you with the chips, except insert Doritos for Hint of Lime Tostitos. It's a sad addiction. I cannot be trusted to walk down the chip aisle, actually.

Chaos Control

It's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel? Serious? How did I not know this?? My son is going to pee his pants as he's obsessed with sharks!! How fun!!


You are hilarious and lovely and talented! AND we share the same spider feelings! I'll be wishing all night I hadn't clicked on that fishing spider link, by the way. Thanks for that.


It's ok to be a total moron :) Total morons have the best blogs!


It's Shark Week here too. I'm glad we're not the only ones watching. And eight points about your dog? Would that be SO bad?


I, too, am hopelessy, tirelessy, obsessively in love with my dog! Yay! Muy loco con queso (or something.) I do use LOL etc when I'm chatting but I have a system, I'm just that weird. If you make me grin, you get a lol. If I chuckle, you get a LOL. If I bust out laughing, you get a LMAO. If I have to do kegals so I don't wet the chair, such as ALMOST EVERY SINGLE ERIN POST, you get a ROFLMAO. And they all lived happily ever after, The End.


I'll answer this soon. : ) Thanks for the tag.


You're watching Shark Week too?!

I've been watching almost every single one of the shows. And the sad thing is that I'm at the beach so watching shows about sharks means that I'm not doing much swimming at all.

Did you see the "Sharks: A Family Affair" one? Who in their right mind would put their kids down there in a cage SURROUNDED BY SHARKS?!

Teacher A

I want your dog. You're lucky I don't live near you, since Texas is a bit too far away for a dognapping. :)

Who, me? Creepy? Never!


I'm glad I'm not the only one that does a little dance when Erin comments on their blog. There shouldn't be this much hero worship, but when you have a confirmed hero, some worship is expected.
Your writing is also quite amusing and on the level of odd that I can understand. I can also understand the dog obsession as Dory's comment reveals. She has a relationship with that doglet that can only be described as unhealthy...I can't go as far as illegal, but curious nonetheless.
The spider picture rocks though...as long as it's in Texas and I'm not.

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